How to disinfect against viruses in the food industry

Careful maintenance cleaning is essential for safety also

In general, alcohol-based, peracetic acid-based and hypochlorite-based products are most effective for the destruction of various viruses, including the coronavirus COVID-19.

In areas where an infected person or a person suspected of being infected with the virus has been, careful cleaning with a low-alkaline all-purpose cleaner should be carried out, after which the contact surfaces in particular should be disinfected. Disposable/short term-use microfibre wipes and mops should be used. Cleaning waste and contaminated disposable implements should be immediately packed in a separate rubbish bag that is tied closed and disposed of in a mixed waste container.

In addition, cleaning with disinfectant should be carried out in food industry premises. Surfaces and appliances can be disinfected with the alcohol-based products ETA 700 and IPA 300, and the peracetic acid-based products F 263 Airol Foam and F 268 Airol S. Other products that are effective against the coronavirus are the hypochlorite-based products F 261 Kloriitti-Forte, F 10 Hype, F 15 Hite, and F 18 Trio. The dosage of chlorine products should be 1,000 ppm and 500 ppm for peracetic acid products. According to Kiilto product development manager Kimmo Nurmi, the products should be rinsed off depending on the method and area of use. Nurmi also recommends paying attention to the correct dosage of products. More information is available on the website for each product.

Attention must also be paid to self-protection during cleaning. When removing protective wear, it is important not to touch the outer surfaces. After removing protective wear, the hands and forearms must be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap, for example, Erisan Soap. The World Health Organization also recommends the use of ethanol-based hand rubs. Disinfectants that are effective against the coronavirus and other viruses that have a protein shell include Erisan Antiseptic Hand Rub, Käsidesi and Erisan Etasept.

Read more from the website of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on the prevention of COVID-19 infections, and see the website of the National Institute for Health and Welfare for up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation.

Working instructions: Disinfection against the coronavirus in the food industry