Finland’s largest jam producer only disinfects when necessary

At Valio's plant in Suonenjoki, the manufacture of food products starts from cleanliness. When its partner Kiilto presented a new and more efficient disinfection method, it immediately replaced the previous disinfection process.

Every year, Valio Suonenjoki develops and produces 14 million kilograms of jam and purée for Valio’s sour milk, yoghurt, quark and ice cream products as well as for the bakery industry. The eight production lines produce nearly 400 different products in three shifts. A high level of hygiene is ensured round the clock.

Dry hydrogen peroxide vapour effortlessly disinfects the air and all surfaces

The plant has been using the Nocomax Easy diffuser since 2017. Mikko Huuskonen, process specialist responsible for washes at the Valio Suonenjoki jam plant, lists the reasons for modernising their disinfection method: “Our previous disinfection method was a bit outdated and unreliable, so we started to look for a more modern method to replace it. Previously, the process required a remarkable amount of manual labour. For example, we had to move equipment from one place to another to ensure that the disinfectant spreads everywhere in our production facilities of 1,000–1,500 m3. Very quickly, we found that the Nocomax Easy diffuser and dry Nocolyse Food hydrogen peroxide vapour are ideal for us. As a result, our disinfection process is now much simpler, and it only takes a fraction of the time it used to.”

Dry hydrogen peroxide vapour is an efficient and easy way to disinfect large areas, surfaces and air during final cleaning. It is a widely studied disinfection method proven to be safe. It is ideal for disinfecting food production facilities and other closed systems (e.g. manufacturing, cooking, cooling, packaging, storage and laboratory facilities). The high capacity and simple controls of the Nocomax Easy enable independent operations without any interruptions, even in facilities up to 20,000 m3.

A disinfection method with immediate results

One Nocomax Easy diffuser is sufficient to disinfect the large production facilities at the Suonenjoki jam plant. It helps to reliably reach the target air quality level during each disinfection. What is more, the new method has allowed the plant to extend the disinfection interval. Currently, the production facilities are disinfected as necessary on the basis of indoor climate measurements. Previously, they were disinfected continuously. The diffuser has reduced the amount of time required for disinfecting and made a previously laborious process quick, easy and safe.

The development of washes at the jam plant was one of the projects led by Huuskonen. During the project, Kiilto from Finland was selected as the washing agent supplier of Valio Suonenjoki. As a result of this cooperation, washes are now developed together with a partner that offers local support with a high level of expertise.

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