Clean and disinfect food contact surfaces in one step – Kiilto Pro Alco-Free WipeDes

We know that food safety, product quality and productivity are all crucial factors to your business. One key to ensure food safety and high product quality is clean and safe surrondings for the food processing and manufacturing. Kiilto Pro Alco-Free WipeDes allows you to clean and disinfect in one step, helping to meet the hygiene standards in a safe, easy and quick way. The ready-to-use wipes have excellent bactericidal efficacy.

No need to clean first or rinse after use 

Our new addition to our wipe assortment for professionals, Kiilto Pro Alco-Free WipeDes, complements our hygiene solution for food industry. The wipes have been developed specifically for food production and processing facilities, paying attention to the specific requirements these types of premises have.  

Many other wipes in the market require a 2-step procedure, in which cleaning takes place before disinfecting. These wipes’ active ingredient, alcohol, does not have cleaning properties, so visibly dirty surfaces should always be cleaned first before using a disinfectant. The active ingredient in Kiilto Pro Alco-Free WipeDes, specially formulated triamine solution, allows you to clean and disinfect in one step. When there is no need to clean the surfaces first before disinfecting, valuable time is saved. The wipes do not leave any residue, and there is no need to rinse surface after use. The wipes are also a great alternative for surfaces that do not tolerate alcohol-based products.  Besides being alcohol-free, they do not include any QUAT/DDAC or PHMB. The new wipes are ideal to use on small food contact surfaces. One wipe is enough for cleaning and disinfecting 0,5 m2 surface.  

Triamine solution combined with a high-quality wipe material for proven efficacy

The wipes are made of durable Tritex® blue polypropeline material. Its smooth surface ensures that no residue or fibers are left onto the surfaces. The amount of liquid per wipe and the ability for the wipe to let go of the liquid is closely connected to the efficiency of the wipe. The product has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect also under protein load, proving to perform with excellent bactericidal efficacy and outstanding contact times.

Bactericidal effect:
EN 1276 1 min
EN 16615 5 min
EN 13697 1 min
Virucidal effect:
EN 14476 5 min
Yeasticidal & fungicidal effect:
EN 1650 1 min

Approved by food authorities and Halal certified

The wipes have been approved (with no need to rinse surface after use) by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Fisheries of Denmark, Danish Veterinary & Food Administration for use as a disinfectant for food industries, in dairy herds and on fishing vessels with storage of edible fish for more than 24 hours. They also wear the HFA certificate as a mark of being Halal certified. The Halal approval means that Kiilto Pro Alco-Free WipeDes is free of any prohibited substances or ingredients and is seen as an appropriate product for the process of producing food which is considered Halal.

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