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Kiilto Pro Plusclean
All Purpose Cleaner

Kiilto Plusclean is part of the Kiilto Natura series products. These products are made from plant-based, renewable and biodegradable raw materials. The raw materials used in the products are responsibly produced. Kiilto Natura is a step towards the future cleaning agents!

Special features

  • Colourless and unscented
  • Effective
  • Nordic Ecolabel

Colourless and unscented cleaning agent. For manual and machine methods. Kiilto Plusclean has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel and is perfectly suited for persons with allergies. The products is produced from renewable and biodegradable raw materials.




For daily cleaning of all water-resistant surfaces, also for polished and painted floors. Also suitable for hand dishwashing, daily cleaning of damp areas as well as professional kitchens.


Product pH: 10
Solution pH: 9.5

Appearance and scent

Colourless, unscented liquid.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN Remark
3 x 5 l 41117 6417964411171 Product replaces product code 410653 Kiilto Plusclean 5 l
6 x 1 l 41116 6417964411164 Product replaces product code 410651 Kiilto Plusclean 1 l

Store in a warm place.

Instructions for use

Maintenance cleaning: 1 - 5 ml / 1 l of water.
Removing attached dirt: 5 - 50 ml / 1 l of water. Rinse if necessary.
Washing dishes: 5 - 15 ml / 1 l of water.
When cleaning the attached dirt, and in hard water areas, the dosage can be increased.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary contact with skin. Protective gloves are recommended in continuous use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice if needed.

Ingredient Effect
Non-ionic surfactants (< 5 %) Lowers the surface tension and removes dirt.
Soap (< 5 %) Antifoaming agent
4026 0036