Restaurant Nooa prepares for summer highlights with Kiilto: Tall Ships Races-week crowns the summer

With the opening of Restaurant Nooa’s rooftop terrace, the summer season can be warmly welcomed. As summer approaches, customer numbers increase significantly, and this season is further enhanced by the Tall Ships Races, held every four years in the Baltic Sea, bringing over 60 large sailing vessels and their crews to Turku, Finland. An essential part of a smooth summer season is maintaining an efficient level of hygiene.

The summer season is a busy time for restaurants, and Nooa’s location in Turku’s guest harbor by the Aura River ensures a significant increase in customer numbers as summer arrives. With the rise in customers, the staff size doubles, the dishwasher is in constant use, and orders for both raw materials and cleaning agents increase.

Hygiene standards at Nooa are high year-round, and during summer, the restaurant ensures all areas remain thoroughly clean. “Of course, the heat in the summer plays a role, and maintaining the cold chain, for example, is crucial. However, the most significant change for us is the sharp increase in customer numbers,” says Simo Hallikainen, restaurateur and Head of Kitchen Operations at Restaurant Nooa.

The summer season significantly increases the amount of customers at restaurants, and thus the frequency of cleaning and usage of cleaning agents increase as well.

This summer, the Tall Ships Races arriving in Turku is expected to bring about half a million visitors to the city. “The already multiplied customer numbers in summer will only grow during the Tall Ships Races week,” laughs Hallikainen and continues, “The event is significant for the entire riverside area in Turku, and we all benefit from it, which is great. We prepare for the Tall Ships Races week throughout the early summer so that we know exactly what needs to be done when the event takes place. This applies to all operations, such as ordering raw materials and cleaning agents, even though we know that additional supplies can be obtained if needed. However, we want to be well-prepared.”

Growth requires open communication

Hallikainen has known Kiilto’s products and operations for 14 years, and the actual cooperation has spanned nine years. In 2015, when Hallikainen started as head chef at another restaurant, he called Kiilto’s Key Account Manager Mika Sipponen to get the restaurant’s “cleaning agent matters” in order.

Both emphasize open and proactive communication as key to the success of their collaboration, ensuring both parties stay informed about necessary actions and needs. “We’ve experienced significant growth. Opening new restaurants is very hectic, and when the final weeks approach, it’s crucial to inform partners in advance rather than waiting until the last minute. Growth requires open communication,” explains Hallikainen.

“Cooperation with CT-restaurants is easy and meaningful. If new restaurants are opened or existing ones acquire new equipment, we receive this information in timely manner, both for technical support and necessary supplies. We always have plenty of time to prepare and respond,” praises Sipponen.

Good communication is the base of good co-operation, both Kiilto’s Mika Sipponen and Restaurant Nooa’s Simo Hallikainen agree.

Hallikainen emphasizes the importance of partner availability and ease of ordering process, as restaurant chefs typically handle orders amidst a busy daily routine. Most partners are personified in a specific contact, and this has been the case with Kiilto and Nooa as well. “You can always call Mika, and things get sorted quickly. Whether it’s making a self-monitoring plan, fixing a broken dishwasher, or handling installations, we always get help promptly,” Hallikainen explains.

Clear hygiene plans facilitate efficient training

As summer approaches, considerable time is devoted to training and onboarding seasonal workers. “We are fortunate to have many employees returning season after season,” Hallikainen notes.

Kiilto’s HygiNet® service makes it easy for new employees to familiarize themselves with the cleaning agents used in the restaurant. “In addition to the electronic plan, printed plans are available in all restaurants, making it easy for new employees to review which product and protective equipment to use in each situation,” Hallikainen adds.

With guidance from Kiilto’s experts, Restaurant Nooa has selected a product range that is as small and clear as possible, eliminating all unnecessary products from daily use. Hallikainen also requested that no extraneous cleaning agents be introduced, ensuring each product has a specific use. The electronic plan in HygiNet® includes all the selected cleaning agents, chemical lists, current information, and product and safety data sheets.

Domestic and environmentally friendly choices in guest harbors

In addition to Nooa in Turku’s guest harbor, Hallikainen also oversees Restaurant Båthuset in Nauvo. Nauvo is one of Finland’s largest guest harbors, and the number of summer visitors significantly impacts the restaurant’s operations. Domestic products, waste reduction, and local produce are important factors in both restaurants. The waterfront locations of both Nooa and Båthuset have influenced the choice of cleaning agents, and together with Kiilto’s technical experts, they ensure proper dosing and avoid operational deviations. Both restaurants use the same products, simplifying routines for employees who might transfer between the locations.

The waterfront location of Restaurant Nooa has influenced the choice of cleaning agents, and together with Kiilto’s technical experts, correct dosing is ensured.

Hallikainen highlights domestic production and environmental friendliness as key added values in cooperation with Kiilto. “Restaurant operations involve many aspects. Whether it’s food preparation, service, hygiene, or cleaning, we want every area to be well-maintained and continuously improved. Kiilto has greatly helped us in this,” says Hallikainen, adding, “We are accustomed to using Kiilto products and have no need to look for other providers since Kiilto’s products and cooperation are effective.”

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