Kiilto Ventures aims to build a brighter future

At Kiilto, we strive towards a world that's sustainable, safe and clean. For the last 100 years startup spirit has characterized the way that we work – we have encountered diverse situations that have required the skill and will to change, adapt and reinvent. As we are heading towards the future and the year of our vision, 2080, we are committed to put even more effort to renewal and innovation. With Kiilto Ventures concept we are reaching out to create a better tomorrow together.

 Kiilto Ventures aims to find, develop and scale new innovations within the outer horizons of Kiilto’s core businesses by collaborating and co-creating with startups. We’re especially interested in discovering sustainable solutions that improve or replace current methods and help us build a brighter future for us all.

“As the world around us is changing at an accelerated pace, we need to find new ways to develop and reinvent our business. Climate change is challenging us to really push ourselves in finding new, more sustainable ways to solve the needs of our customers”, states Chief Business Development Officer Ville Solja from Kiilto. 

We seek for ambitious startups to co-operate with and to which we can provide added value through our experience, network and know-how.

“I truly believe that a brighter future is not only created through active internal RDI and development, but also through systematic co-operation with various external stakeholders, such as universities, partners, startups and research institutes”, Solja continues. 

Do you have an innovation related to professional hygiene, industrial bonding or construction business that would offer a novel approach to solving existing challenges? Take a look at our Kiilto Ventures website to dig deeper into the topic and contact us! 


For more information, please contact:

Ville Solja
Chief Business Development Officer
+358 50 329 5211