Customer is a vital part of the Kiilto culture

All companies agree on the importance of good and close customer relations. For Kiiltonians, however, Customer is King. It is one of Kiilto’s cultural cornerstones, a guideline that brings the customer into the center of operations.

Ann Mari Østtorp, Senior Consultant at Kiilto in Norway, points out that customer-orientation is something every successful company needs to have.

“It is clear that a company is nothing without its customers.The difference is in making the customer feel taken care of at all times,” she says, adding that when a customer feels properly heard in each and every interaction, you’re on a solid path to building a great customer relationship.

Ask the customer!

Ann Mari is a relatively new Kiiltonian as Norway became one of the Kiilto countries in March 2019. She points out one new concrete approach when it comes to hearing the customers’ voice and customer understanding. That is valuing the opinions of the customers. Kiilto is reaching out to its customers for feedback on a regular basis.

"Asking what they think about our service and what are the things we could still improve is an important part of taking care of the relationship. In this way, we have both faster and more reliable customer insights and the customers have a way to get their voice heard.”

According to Ann Mari, this is a real improvement to her previous experiences.

“We’ve been surprised by some of the findings in the surveys – it is important to find the areas where we can do better.”

Delivering the Value

Victoria Ojansivu, Project Manager and Systems Specialist at Kiilto, has a slightly different angle to customer relationships since she’s working with ICT development. 

Video: Victoria Ojansivu tells how customers are present in her work in Kiilto's ICT team 

“My interaction is mostly with other Kiiltonians – who, in turn, are the representatives of the customers in my eyes,” she says. “My job is to help fellow Kiiltonians succeed in serving their customers better.”According to Victoria, developing a strong relationship with the customer is something everybody within the organization can contribute to.

“We can offer value, and a real partnership, to our customers.”

Inclusive and friendly atmosphere

Having worked at Kiilto for eight years, Victoria has a pretty good idea of what is the most important building block of the Kiilto company culture.

“It’s an inclusive and friendly atmosphere, no matter what country you’re in. I feel that it’s a culture that is motivating and nurturing – and brings out the best in people.”

Both Ann Mari Østtorp and Victoria Ojansivu agree that the Kiilto spirit is very much about people – making sure that the employees succeed and blossom.

“Kiilto really takes care of its people and I’ve felt right at home within the company,” Ann Mari comments on her soon two-year experience with Kiilto.

“The really special part of Kiilto is the openness and trust we have here. When we give feedback inside the company, for example, we know that our voices will be heard,” adds Victoria.