Dosing systems for foam cleaning

Dosing and washing technology play a crucial role in successful cleaning. With dispensing systems developed for this purpose, you ensure the correct detergent concentration and suitable foam that remains on surfaces for the required duration.

It’s worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the selection and use of dosing systems, as high-quality dosing equipment can help reduce chemical, water, and energy consumption and shorten cleaning times. Our experts will assist you in choosing a comprehensive solution for surface cleaning in the food industry, including suitable Kiilto Pro cleaning chemicals for your production and the necessary dosing systems for foam cleaning.

Our partner in foam cleaning systems for the food industry is the Danish company Foamico, and in addition, we can also offer our customers equipment from the manufacturer System Cleaners.

The benefits of automatic cleaning

Automatic cleaning with low-pressure technology is a cost-effective and often more environmentally sound method in the food and beverage industry compared to manual cleaning. Investing in automatic cleaning solutions reduces the overall cost of cleaning, as water and chemical consumption can be better optimized, and staff are freed from long, often physically demanding cleaning tasks. Additionally, the advantage is a more consistent end result, as processes are repeated in the same way compared to manual cleaning, reducing the likelihood of differences in cleanliness after cleaning.

As a result, the time spent on washing can be reduced and the washing outcome improved. The savings achieved, for example in water and chemical consumption, also reduce the environmental impact of the washing process.

Foamico low-pressure cleaning systems

Foamico is a company specializing in foaming devices, developing and manufacturing high-quality dosing solutions specifically for the food industry. The solutions aim to facilitate smooth daily cleaning in facilities where foam cleaning methods ensure a high level of hygiene.

A versatile range of wall-mounted or mobile main and pump stations, satellites, washing machines, and other dosing devices ensure that flexible dosing solutions are available for all types of production facilities. Our technical experts will assist in selecting, implementing, and maintaining the assembly that suits your production.

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