Satellite SU NEXT 0127-4
Dosing Device

Foamico Satellite Station SU NEXT is a satellite for rinsing and foam or spray disinfection. It can manage three different chemicals alongside a rinse, all through a single outlet.

A simple to operate satellite makes rinsing and foam or spray disinfection intuitive. Foamico Satellite Station SU NEXT has a smart and robust design, which makes it easy to use and install. It doesn’t have separate controls for turning the air on or off. Instead, all functions are controlled by a single handle located on the side of the unit, which makes operating it incredibly straightforward and maintenance requirements low.
The Next technology enables the integration of three distinct cleaning detergents within a single injector block, requiring only one outlet and no additional valves. Its seamless mechanical switch between all functions makes the equipment unrivalled in terms of reliability, user-friendliness, and durability. One handle and one outlet for four separate steps of cleaning ensures that the user can fully focus on the cleaning task rather than worrying about how the satellite is operated.

The Foamico Satellite Station SU NEXT is to be connected with a Foamico main station or booster, which will provide the satellite with pressurized water. The satellite can be used for rinsing and to lay out foam.

The satellite has been engineered to be minimalistic, comprising only a few essential components. Only high-quality materials are used in the satellite, ensuring high reliability. The majority of its components are crafted from high-grade stainless steel to expand the lifetime of the satellite significantly. The extended lifespan of the product contributes to a decreased environmental footprint overall.

The unique “High Impact” rinsing nozzle makes rinsing application up to 25 % more efficient due to less pressure loss. This is equivalent to saving both water and man-hours.

The satellite is available as rinse/foam only. For easy installation, we highly recommend our installation kit, which also includes a pipe strainer. Optional accessories also include hoses, nozzles for all purposes, lances for challenging or complex assignments, low pressure valve, low pressure gun, hose reels and hose holder.

Special features

Special features
• Simple to operate
• High Impact rinsing nozzle
• Efficiently lowers cleaning time by up to 40 %
• Reduces energy consumption by up to 60 %
• Lowers water usage by up to 25 %
• Low maintenance needs
• Can handle 3 different cleaning detergents and rinse




For low-pressure cleaning of processing equipment, floors, walls, and other surfaces that come into contact with food or beverage products being produced.

This cleaning method is particularly useful in food and beverage processing facilities, where hygiene and sanitation are critical for ensuring product safety and quality.

Intended for professional use.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs 4062225
Min./max. inlet pressure
10/27 Bar
Max. water consumption
100 L/min.
Pipe dimension inlet (Water)
Pipe dimensions inlet (Air)
Air supply
5/10 Bar
Air consumption
150-200 L/min.
Dimensions (WxHxD)
7 kg
Simultaneous users
Environment and safety

Every aspect of the device has been designed to reduce the overall environmental impacts. High efficiency equals less pressure loss and more cleaning power. This in return allows faster cleaning and less water usage. Additionally, the long lifetime of the device reduces the overall environmental footprint.