Booster B100-27
Dosing pump

Foamico Booster 100 27 is a booster, whose main function is to provide pressurized water for Foamico satellites.

Satellites require a reliable main station or booster to provide pressurized water efficiently to guarantee a seamless cleaning process. Foamico Booster 100 27 and the booster program enable the selection of the precise solution required to address each unique cleaning task.

The Booster is easy to use with only on handle operation to select the needed function. Up to three cleaning detergents can be used in one block, via just one outlet. The size of the Booster depends on the total water consumption for the number of satellites you intend to use concurrently.

The booster is equipped with the most advanced energy-optimized motor technology. Additionally, it features a built-in display that allows users to access various data points effortlessly. This feature simplifies fault detection for operators and maintenance personnel, such as identifying issues like low water pressure, ensuring seamless operation.

Only high-quality materials are used in the station, ensuring high reliability. Multiple safety functions and the majority of its components being crafted from high-grade stainless steel expand the lifetime of the booster significantly. The extended lifespan of the product contributes to a decreased environmental footprint overall.

Booster stations are, in cooperation with Grundfos, optimized for Open Plan Cleaning in the food and beverage industry. The pumps are constantly adapting to the number of users and available inlet pressure. This way we can ensure that the pump will deliver at the highest possible efficiency at all times.

Special features

Special features
• Energy-optimized motor-technology
• Built-in display
• Low maintenance needs
• Dry running protection
• Automatic load distribution between all pumps
• Full redundancy between pumps
• Automatic air release valve
• High liquid temperature alarm
• Up to 3 chemicals can be used




For low-pressure cleaning of processing equipment, floors, walls, and other surfaces that come into contact with food or beverage products being produced.

This cleaning method is particularly useful in food and beverage processing facilities, where hygiene and sanitation are critical for ensuring product safety and quality.

Intended for professional use.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs 4062441
Maximum water consumption
100 l / min
Pump pressure at 7 bar inlet pressure
27 bar
Min./max. inlet pressure
2/10 bar
Max temperature
70 °C
Maximum power consumption
4,0 kW
Simultaneous users
Environment and safety

Every aspect of the device has been designed to reduce the overall environmental impacts. High efficiency equals less pressure loss and more cleaning power. This in return allows faster cleaning and less water usage. Additionally, the long lifetime of the device reduces the overall environmental footprint.