One System Basic
Cloth Package

Single use wipe dispenser for filling with disinfectant. Contains 120 wipes.

Special features

  • CE marked medical device, class I

The hygienic, disposable package contains a roll of 120 nonwoven, low-linting wipes. When moistened with disinfectant, the dispenser can be used up to 28 days.

The One System Basic wipes combined with Easydes Disinfectant Surface Cleaner and Erisan Des Disinfectant have been tested for efficacy (EN 16615).

Wipe size 17.5 cmx 36 cm.




Generally in areas where the need for surface disinfection is frequent.

In the area of high hygiene standards: instrument maintenance, patient wards, operating theatres, policlinics, dental care premises, in child health clinics and in other healthcare facilities.

Medical device. For professional use.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
4 x 120 cloths 8288 4260241964004
Instructions for use

Open the lid. Remove the protective inner covers. Pour 1,2 - 2.5 l of ready-to-use disinfectant solution over the wipes and allow to settle for 15 minutes.

Mark the data of the disinfectant you are using, date and filler identification on the package.

When using disinfectants, use protective gloves.

Environment and safety

Serious incidents in relation to One system Basic wipes are to be reported to and the local medical device authority.

The package is recyclable, burnable plastic. Towels are of synthetic material (polyester).

Used wipes are hospital waste.