Floor polish removal and polishing

Worn floors and surfaces with many layers of floor polish require floor polish removal and re-polishing.

The purpose of floor polish is to protect the floor material from the stress and dirt caused by use.

Floor polish removal and polishing is carried out when the old polish has worn off the floor surface or a lot of polish and / or dirt has deposited on the surface. In floor polish removal you can use a polish remover and a floor care machine as well as a water vacuum. In large rooms, a combination machine can also be used to apply and rinse the floor polish remover. It is important to remove all old polish from the surfaces before re-polishing. In very cumbersome sites, the floor polish removement treatment has to be done several times.

Always choose a floor polish remover according to the floor material. Before re-polishing, the floor must be allowed to dry well. Polishing is done with floor polishes from Kiilto Silk series and a clean moistened mop or polishing mop. Two layers of polish is usually needed. The drying time of the polishing layer depends on the conditions. If the air is very humid, the drying time can even be many times higher.