Three Reasons Why Kiilto MD Block Improves Your Work in Kitchen

This autumn, Kiilto releases new additions to its solid detergent system called Kiilto MD Block. The swan labeled product range comes with an option for all dishwashing needs in a professional kitchen, making the work more safe, effortless and economical.

Carefree way to take care of dishes

Everyone enjoys a functional workspace, but for kitchen professionals, it’s essential. A well-organized kitchen is a crucial part of ensuring seamless workflow for chefs, cooks, kitchen porters and cleaners. However, big kitchen appliances, such as hood washing machines and rack conveyors, quickly eat up space in small facilities, causing challenges both in safety and efficiency.

Typically, these dishwashers are used with liquid detergents placed next to the machines on the floor, making the kitchen even more cramped. On top of the possibility of tripping on pipes and wiring attached to the containers and appliances, liquid agents might cause hazards when spilled or mixed. They raise ergonomic issues also, as lifting up heavy containers is necessary when taking care of day-to-day hygiene maintenance, such as cleaning the floors.

As a solution, Kiilto has developed the Kiilto Pro MD Block solid dishwashing system which avoids all of the mentioned challenges in small kitchens. Read our list of three reasons why we are sure Kiilto Pro MD Block improves kitchen professionals’ workflow without giving up on the best possible washing result.

1. Out of the way, onto the wall

With the help of Kiilto Pro MD Block, professionals get to enjoy a more spacious kitchen by replacing the large liquid containers with a compact, off-the-floor solid system. The dispensers are attached on the wall, removing containers, wiring and pipes from the floor. This way the staff can focus on their work in a more care-free space.

2. 100% Spill-free Guarantee

Why worry about chemical-related hazards, when you can avoid them completely? Kiilto MB Block products come in a solid form, which instantly increases work safety in a professional kitchen. Compared to liquid options, Kiilto Pro MD Block eliminates the risk of spillages. It is a closed system which helps to prevent accidental contact with the product. This allows the staff to work without worrying about being exposured to undiluted detergents.​

3. Spotless Dishes Effortlessly

In a hectic environment like a professional kitchen, a reliable outcome of dishwashing shouldn’t be a concern. The automated dosing of Kiilto Pro MD Block work on optimized accuracy, ensuring a spotless result after each wash. It means that the water conditions of the dishwashing appliances are monitored real time with a sensor installed in the wash tank, which continuously measures the mixture of detergent and water while the wash cycle is on. This provides an economical yet effective use of dishwashing detergents and a constant washing result each time. Say goodbye to rewashing and excessive use of detergents.

Kiilto Pro MD Block – a solid solution for all dishes

The Kiilto Pro MD Block solution consists of 4 different products, covering all dishwashing needs in a professional kitchen. The highly concentrated formula of the solid detergents has a positive environmental impact through reduced packaging and transport. The whole product range is swan label certified as a proof of being a sustainable yet effective solution for professional needs. The system comes with auto dosing equipment, installed by technical experts trained by Kiilto. Once installed, replacing empty MD Block packages by the end user is very easy.

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