New formulas for Kiilto Pro hand dishwashing detergents

The formulas for Kiilto hand dishwashing detergents are now even more user-friendly and environmentally friendly. The changes apply to Kiilto Asteri, Kiilto Neutra L and Kiilto Neutradish.

Product Development Manager Juha Issakainen and Foodservice Solution Manager Julia Lempiäinen answer the most important questions about the formula changes.

How have the product formulas been changed?For example, the preservative used in Kiilto Asteri was changed to sodium benzoate, which is considered the safest option. At the same time, we were given the opportunity to apply for the the Allergy Label, which is granted by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, for the product, which we were delighted to be granted. Changes were also made to the preservatives in Kiilto Neutra L and Kiilto Neutradish. In addition, the foam of Kiilto Asteri and Kiilto Neutra L hand dishwashing detergents is longer lasting than before. The products are at least as effective as before, as the functionality of products is always extremely important when developing our formulas.

How have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria changed product development?

The new Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria include a requirement to increase the amount of renewable raw materials used. According to the criteria, as the product manufacturer we must strive to increase the amount of environmentally sustainable raw materials contained in Nordic Swan Ecolabel-marked dishwashing detergent. In practice, this means that we favour certified raw materials, avoid problematic raw materials or exchange fossil-based raw materials for sustainable ones.

Kiilto already had plans to increase the amount of renewable raw materials used in its products. At the same time, there was a requirement for sustainable raw materials, in particular sustainable palm oil-based raw materials. In the case of tensides, we changed well in advance throughout the company to the most-used certified and responsibly produced tenside.

What factors have the greatest impact on the environmental and user-friendliness of hand dishwashing detergents?

The main impact when dishwashing by hand is ultimately in the method of washing. For example, washing and rinsing with running water consumes a significant amount of water as well as energy for heating the water. Hot water has the greatest environmental impact, even if water is otherwise used economically. Choosing a product also matters, of course, and it is always important to choose a product that is safe for the environment and for users.

Have customers given any feedback or expressed any wishes regarding the products?

Customers are aware of many important issues, and with the selection of preservatives, for instance, we also wanted to address their wishes. For customers, environmental friendliness and user safety are highly important. In addition, we have also responded to these concerns with Kiilto Biodish, a product which is part of our Natura product range. Natura products are made from plant-based or renewable and biodegradable raw materials that are responsibly produced. Kiilto Biodish is our latest addition to our hand dishwashing detergent range alongside the renewed Kiilto Aster, Kiilto Neutra L and Kiilto Neutradish products. We want to offer a selection where every customer can find the best option for their needs.