SafePoint+ for good hand hygiene

It is the responsibility of each of us to take care of good hand hygiene. It is the easiest way for everyone to cut off the transmission routes. Even a single person who neglects hand hygiene can quickly spread the virus to several nearby people, compromising the safety of others.

What would the world look like without good hand hygiene?

Hygiene and cleanliness are the cornerstones of our society. This is so to such an extent that before 2020, we didn’t even realize how much hygiene determines our sense of safety. A systematic and easy hand hygiene solution is a key factor in restoring safety and the freedom to move and travel in the future.

Surfaces that many people touch can be a source of infection

Offices, shopping centers, restaurants, airports, and other places where a lot of people move around every day are meeting points where hand hygiene needs to be in order. Good hand hygiene and healthy skin work together as the best shield against infectious diseases. The skin is the largest human organ, and its primary function is to protect the body. A high-quality hand disinfectant contains skin-protecting ingredients such as moisturising glycerol or oils that care for the skin. The skin stays intact and healthy and better protects against external threats such as radiation, microbes and chemicals.

SafePoint+ hygiene solution

SafePoint + is a hand hygiene solution that saves employees’ time, creates cost savings for the company and reduces safety-critical contacts. Thanks to the dispenser, the disinfectant is not wasted since the dosage is always correct. One canister is equivalent to about 2,500 uses, which in turn corresponds to approximately 10 half-litre bottles.

  • You will be able to control hand hygiene in your premises systematically.
  • The product stays in place and ready for operation, it doesn’t take time from staff to maintain it.
  • There is no need to touch the dispenser, which reduces the number of contact points.

Did you know, for example, that there are as many bacteria under a ring on the finger as there are inhabitants in Europe, or that the number of bacteria under a broken cuticle corresponds to the number of inhabitants on Earth?

SafePoint+ solution

  • Thanks to the bi-directional design, the dispensing of the hand disinfectant may be done from both sides of the unit.
  • Industrial-grade smart sensor recognizes movement and heat from the user’s hand and dispenses a enough hand disinfectant.
  • Quick and simple to install with effortless commissioning.
  • The supply container and waste fluid container are kept safe and usable within a lockable cabinet.
  • The technology used in the dispenser is suitable for demanding and continuous use
  • Very long autonomy: up to 5000 dispenses per 5 litre container

SafePoint+ Alcoliquid

  • Developed for SafePoint+ hand disinfectant dispenser
  • Also suitable for hygiene gates in industry
  • Can be used also in hospitals and health care
  • EN-tested product

Customer experiences about SafePoint+

It’s been nice to work with experts who have helped quickly if needed. We have a lot of customers and we appreciate a solution that makes hand hygiene easy to control and systematic.

Andrea Nyman, Hill Side Golf

Right now, no one wants to stand in a queue waiting to take disinfectant from a bottle. SafePoint+ gives a good and reassuring first impression. It gives a sense of comfort and safety. I think this can really make a difference especially in the private sector.

Peter Hald, Abena Re-Seller GmbH

It’s easy to trust the product and also Kiilto’s own brand has a strong impact on the positive image. The feeling of cleanliness brought by the Safepoint+ dispenser has been important to us! Hand hygiene is maintained with a solution that is really easy to use.

Kirsi Oldén, Tamrex Oy

Kiilto is a responsible, Nordic company and a pioneer in hygiene industry. We have decades of experience about disinfectants and hospital hygiene. Our products are developed in the Nordics and are suitable for different industries such as foodservice, health care, food and technology industry and professional cleaning.

You can get more information from your local Kiilto sales team or from Account and Development Manager Mikko Eskola.

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