Kiilto and Cancer Foundation Finland: How a live event was held safely

Hand hygiene at the premises of Cancer Foundation Finland, and possibly at future events, will be ensured by the SafePoint+ disinfectant dispenser.

In autumn 2020, SafePoint+ dispensers donated by Kiilto were seen in Finland on the Pink Ribbon Dancing with the Stars programme, after which the dispensers were delivered to the offices of Cancer Foundation Finland. The collaboration started quite quickly when hygiene and safety issues related to live broadcasting were planned.

“It all started when Kiilto contacted us. We were immediately enthused about the idea. Mikko from Kiilto came along at just the right time, as we had just solved issues related to the safety of live audiences and staff. The use of face masks was naturally part of the plan, but we wanted to make sure we could guarantee a safe dance night for all participants”, says Sari Meller of Cancer Foundation Finland.

“In recent years, the Pink Ribbon collection has culminated in a joint theme broadcast by Cancer Foundation Finland and Dancing with the Stars programme. The Pink Ribbon Dancing with the Stars programme attracted a record number of viewers this year and there were also 60 people in the audience in addition to the orchestra. It went without saying that we wanted an easy and reliable way to take care of good hand hygiene at the event.”

The partnership decision eventually developed very quickly, and with committed partners, everything was completed on a tight schedule.

“The idea for the collaboration came about when I was talking with a representative of JKR Muovi Oy, a company that assembles the SafePoint+ devices. Together, we were able to make customised solutions for our customers, in this case a Pink Ribbon-branded SafePoint+ dispenser. So, we thought, why not develop a good idea and propose a collaboration on a topical event”, says Kiilto account and development manager Mikko Eskola.

SafePoint+ can be used to effectively ensure hand hygiene, for example, at live events. The device is easy to spot and can be used up to 2,500 times before more disinfectant needs to be added. In addition, the device dispenses the hand disinfection automatically. Since hands can be disinfected on both sides of the device, queues do not form. 

“I think this is an easy way to demonstrate, at a live event for example, that the organiser takes hand hygiene into account and has invested in the safety of the participants”, continues Eskola.

Safe encounters in the future as well

The devices provided for the autumn theme night in the Pink Ribbon colour have also been used in Cancer Foundation Finland’s day-to-day work. After the event, Kiilto made sure the devices were transported to the foundation’s headquarters in Helsinki, where they have been in use since November.

“We have received good feedback on the colour branding of the dispensers, and on the fact that they also have the very popular and familiar logo. It feels really nice to welcome guests safely next to the SafePoint+ dispenser”, says Meller.

Measures to defeat COVID-19 have also affected the number of visitors to the office, and events cannot be organised in the same way as before. However, convenient hand hygiene measures bring a sense of safety to everyday life, and the equipment can continue to be used when events can be held again.

“The ease of use of the devices is everything. Using the devices is already a matter of routine in the office. It is also great to know that we have a solution for good hand hygiene for upcoming events as well!”