To make hand hygiene easier for clients, Gilda International School of Beauty chose the SafePoint+ dispenser

Hygiene is the A to Z at Gilda Skolan, that trains skin care and spa therapists. The school has installed SafePoint+ dispensers in all three of its beauty schools, in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. “SafePoint is smart, elegant, hygienic and easy to use,” says School Principal Anna Wigö.

Gilda Skolan is an internationally renowned private school that trains skin care and spa therapists. The school was founded in 1993 by skin care therapist Gilda Liljeblad Koornstra and has 126 students and 13 employees in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg today.

Anna Wigö is the School Principal with responsibility for all three centres, from her base in Malmö. She explains that good hygiene and meticulous cleaning procedures with detailed checklists, were already in place long before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Hygiene is the A to Z in both our courses and our profession. Clients are the biggest source of infection in our salons and we are therefore very explicit with our procedures and hygiene – that apply to both personnel and students.”

Despite the Covid pandemic, the Gilda courses and student salons have operated pretty much as normal. Due to government restrictions, the salons treat fewer clients at the same time compared to before. Cleaning has been intensified and the students are offered face coverings and visors.

Safe and touch-free hand hygiene solution

“The biggest change is the fantastic SafePoint+ dispensers. Before they arrived, we had bottles of hand sanitiser with pump dispensers that clients were forced to touch. However, we wanted clients to touch as few surfaces as possible,” says Wigö.

They chose SafePoint+ dispensers because they satisfied all the Gilda criteria. Wigö says their primary aim was to find a product that made it easier for clients to disinfect their hands.

“We also wanted a product that would be easier for us to manage and with a hand sanitiser that does not dry out your hands.”The hand sanitiser in the Safepoint+ dispensers is Dax Alcogel that is effective against both bacteria and viruses. Wigö explains that the dispensers are easy to use. The containers with hand sanitiser are replaced by school personnel themselves, something they do not need to do that often as a little hand sanitiser goes a long way and each container holds over five litres.

At Gilda International Beauty School in Malmö, there is a SafePoint+ dispenser in reception. Clients go there to buy skincare products, gift cards and for treatments in the student salon. Clients visiting the salon take off their coats and shoes, wash and disinfect their hands. The School puts a great emphasis on good hygiene.

You are an expert in skin care. How do your hands feel after using Dax hand gel?

“All the alcohol makes your cuticles a bit dry but when it comes to your skin, I have definitely not experienced any negative effects, the opposite in fact. You feel really clean, the gel really penetrates your skin and evaporates pretty quickly. It feels very good to me.”

The Gilda students work in the salons to gain practical experience. Salon treatments include a number of different options, such as massages, skin care and facials, plus manicures, pedicures and waxing. Anyone can book an appointment for student treatments, that are offered at attractive rates.

Wigö explains that the School has plenty of regular clients who are very familiar with the hygiene procedures. Most clients automatically reach for hand sanitiser in the SafePoint dispenser, and many exclaim “that’s amazing” when they use it for the first time.

Wigö says that Gilda students study both microbiology and hygiene. The students learn how to sterilise instruments, wash fabrics at the right temperature and how to use the correct cleaning techniques and tools.

“You shouldn’t only think about your hands. We work with people and with skin, the largest organ in our body. Which is why everything around us is also very important.”