Kiilto Pro Hygimon guides in preventing healthcare-associated infections

Kiilto Pro Hygimon is an automated hand hygiene compliance monitoring system (HHCM) which allows you to take improving actions based on data collected in your wards.

Studies show that up to 90% of microbes are transmitted through hands. Yet only half of disinfections that are critical to proper hand hygiene, as defined by WHO, take place in a hospital setting.  The impact of health care associated infections on length of stay multiplies the cost of patient care. 

This performance is not intentional, but a function of manual systems, time constraints and emergent situations. Most certain types of hospital-acquired infections could be prevented with proper hand hygiene, including some of the staff’s sick leaves.

Root cause: lack of reliable data

Probable causes of hand hygiene noncompliance are related to a variety of issues. For instance, frequent room entry and exit during a bedside procedure, no convenient place to put supplies down while disinfecting hands and broken or empty dispensers can cause weak performance.  

Dedicated infection control teams in hospitals recognize hand hygiene compliance being a key practice to good infection prevention and take actions accordingly. However, the manual approach to monitoring of hand disinfectant consumption and observation of hand hygiene situations is not efficient enough. People tend to perform better when observed, and a 24/7 observation is often impossible due to it tying up valuable personnel. When measuring consumption, it is difficult to separate usage between staff and hospital visitors.

Act based on actual hand hygiene compliance

Kiilto’s new hand hygiene monitoring system, Kiilto Pro Hygimon, is an innovative, data-driven approach to infection control. Using special sensors attached to the hand disinfectant dispensers and pump bottles, it collects accurate data on-site and gathers information that supports health care providers in reducing health care associated infections and their costs. 

Based on fast and reliable reports, Kiilto Pro Hygimon allows to note and correct any impracticalities affecting hand hygiene compliance. You can measure the effect of your hygiene improving actions close to real-time and support your infection control team’s work in an efficient manner.  

Automated and anonymous monitoring and reporting

Kiilto Pro Hygimon records several types of data, including number of disinfections, their average quality based on the dosage, and the current fill level of the monitored dispensers and pump bottles. You can react quickly to refill needs and get valuable details on which locations require improvements.  

All collected information is processed anonymously without recording individual performance. Your staff can carry on with their work without feeling like they are being observed, and you get valuable results on the actual level of your hand hygiene compliance.

Installable to any manual dispenser and pump bottle

Kiilto Pro Hygimon system consists of NosoEx-sensors installed to dispensers and pump bottles, and colour-coded smart tags, which are carried by the staff during their shifts. With differently coloured tags, you can distinguish between different work groups, and categorize any unidentified person as a visitor.  

Thanks to its versatile design, the system can be applied to any manual dispenser or a pump bottle. Aside from setting up the system, it does not require additional installations to your current hand hygiene solution, making the deployment much more convenient.  

Whenever an installed sensor recognizes a smart tag in its immediate presence, it starts to record data of hand disinfectant usage. Kiilto Pro Hygimon uses either hospital’s internal LAN/Wi-Fi network, or its own cellular network without any integration requirements into existing IT infrastructure.

Data evaluation made safe and simple

In addition to collecting data anonymously, particular care is taken to protect the sensitive data in the system. The data is processed through an encrypted mesh-network and data hubs installed in the ward, sending it to a certified data center within EU. All of this happens in less than seconds, allowing data evaluation to happen in a cloud-based, encrypted web application a moment after it has been recorded.  

The application dashboard shows visually engaging, easy-to-understand graphs and ward maps, which help to pinpoint the problem areas to solve. If necessary, Kiilto Pro Hygimon API allows to export the collected data to other applications too.

Kiilto’s experts help you to achieve your goals

Our local experts tailor Kiilto Pro Hygimon exclusively to your health care facilities, ensuring that you can improve hand hygiene compliance in your wards as cost-effectively as possible. After deployment, we support you in analyzing the collected data and help to make improvements that increase your hand hygiene compliance. We are proud of our decades of experience in the health care sector and value our close co-operation with infection control teams. Together we can improve both patient and staff safety and decrease health care associated infections and their costs.

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