Whiteline Kiiltojet C2SP
Spray cleaning unit

Kiiltojet spray cleaning unit makes cleaning of floors and other surfaces much easier and faster in any facility where washing with water is possible. Economical and effective solution for i.e. commercial kitchens, food industry and swimming halls.

Use of the unit is simple and clear, since there is only one switch to select the desired function. Kiiltojet is compatible with two different cleaning detergents simultaneously, such as an alkaline and disinfection detergent. Changing from one detergent to another is done by selecting the wanted product from the switch and without any need to move the hose from one canister to another.

Kiiltojet gives a significant savings in just working time alone, since same unit can be used for spreading the detergent and to do the rinsing. No difficult replacing and changing of hoses or rinsing out the injector when changing chemicals.

The correct dosage is continuously ensured. The dosage is adjusted by selecting the correct plastic nozzle, which is installed in to the detergent output hose. The nozzles come in 14 different sizes, ranging from 0,5 to 10 %. Accurate dosage is necessary in order to obtain a good cleaning result and easier rinsing.

The unit works with the pressure from the water supply network. Connection between the water supply and the unit is done with a quick connector, and there is no need for electrical or pressurized air connections. Changing of brushes, rinsing tube or washing nozzle is also done via a quick connector.

Kiiltojet is very mobile and easy to position in different types of facilities, since there is no need for a separate hose mount. The unit comes with the mount, and if necessary can be detached from the frame and installed into the desired location. Two different versions are available: 4062249 wall-mountable unit and 4070011 unit with a built-in transport trolley. The trolley is also available as an optional accessory, allowing even greater mobility.




For cleaning of surfaces in e.g. kitchens, food industry, swimming halls and washrooms

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs 4062249
Net weight
5,0 kg
Water inlet pressure
2-6 bar
Flow rate, rinsing
12 l/min (3 bar)
Flow rate, washing
7 l/min
Hose length
15 m
Operating temperature, max.
+ 50 °C
Material, frame
Glass fiber, PP
Unit width (without tubes)
Unit lenght (without tubes)
Unit depth (without tubes)
Hose, 15 m
Foaming pistol
Foaming nozzle
Transport trolley, white
Hose reel, automatic
Rinsing tube