Kiilto Pro Box for professional kitchens – safety and ease-of-use in the same package

Kiilto offers dispensing systems for professional kitchens that make cleanliness maintenance more simple while improving safety. Kiilto Pro Box safety packages represent closed loop systems. They shield the user from direct contact with undiluted cleaning agents used in machine dishwashing and oven washing. The products ensure safe use in an user-friendly manner without compromising on efficacy.

For professional kitchens where easiness, flexibility, sustainability and safety are important factors, Kiilto Pro Box safety packs answer all of the mentioned demands effortlessly. Kiilto Pro Box is a closed dispensing system which improves occupational safety in your kitchen facilities. 


Handling the safety packaging is ergonomic and easy, thanks to its handles. Connecting the product to a dosing system is quick and simple, and color codes guide the user to connect the products properly.


A rack can be used to place the product hanging on a wall or free-standing above the floor. Serial connection can be used to extend the replacement interval, making the dispensing system even better suited to large kitchens. The products can be stacked for storage, taking up very little space.


The chemical bag inside the safety packaging is connected to the dosing system through a quick connector which minimizes the risk of skin or eye exposure to the liquid. Thanks to the color-coded hoses, the products are easy to connect to the correct dosing pump. Cross-connection is also mechanically prevented.


Kiilto Pro Box packages generate much less waste than traditional plastic containers. The box is made of recycled cardboard, and the agent comes in a 10-litre chemical bag which is easy to recycle once empty. Some of Kiilto Pro Box options wear the Nordic ecolabel.

Kiilto Pro Box safety packs has options both for machine dishwashing and oven washing, guaranteeing a clean result in any water hardness level. 

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