New product for encapsulating harmful substances on floors and walls

Kiilto Pro VOC Block is a new barrier product that encapsulates harmful substances released into the indoor air from building materials. The product is suitable for encapsulating volatile organic compounds (VOC), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and ammonia compounds on wall and floor surfaces.

A number of different factors affect the indoor air quality of a building, including but not limited to the building’s structural solutions, the materials used and how the building is maintained.

Some buildings may encounter indoor air problems caused by harmful substances that are released into the indoor air from the structures of the building. VOCs and PAHs are two groups of substances that may cause such problems. In these cases, one possible solution is to encapsulate the harmful substances into the structures so that they are no longer released into the indoor air.

Kiilto Pro VOC Block is a two-component barrier product that is suitable for use on both floor and wall surfaces. The product has been tested for encapsulating VOCs, PAHs and ammonia. The product has a tight mesh structure that forms a very dense film on the surface it is applied to. It is applied in two layers, after which it is coated, for example by smoothing in accordance with Kiilto’s instructions.

The new product is part of Kiilto’s encapsulation solutions that help manage the life cycle of buildings sustainably.