IPC CT 5 B 28
Scrubber dryer

A functional and effective scrubber dryer for daily cleaning of especially for spaces ranging from 50 to 500 m².

Special features

  • Easy to fill - Can be filled either on machine or under warter tap
  • Increases energy and electricity savings
  • Easy to disconnect recovery tank to clean, large tank opening for rinsing
  • Main parts removed without tools
  • Easy to transport and park

Compact and practical design structure of the unit makes it possible to clean floor surfaces also under low and deep fittings. Ergonomic Drive lever, adjustable multiposition handle.

The innovative RDS (Reverse Dry System) drying technology contains two different squeegees and thereby cleans and dries both forward and backward. Adjustable handle and extremely ergonomic control panel finalises the easy and pleasant user experience.

The CT 5 is a perfect fit for mobile work due to its light weight, removable water tanks and quick charging time. Low noise level ensures that the unit can be used without interruptions also in facilities and rooms intended for more silent work.

Ergonomic and intuitive control panel. Eco Select -mode allows to decrease energy consumption and increase running time of up to 20%




IPC CT 5 B 28 is ideal for cleaning small and medium areas.  Designed to meet the needs of daily cleaning, especially in hard to reach spaces. Perfect for restaurants and other public areas where it is necessary to clean up to 1000 m²

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code
1 x 1 pcs ILPTB01737
Working width/Pad size
28 cm/11"
Measurements l/w/h (in parking)
60,4 (77) / 41,2 cm / 39,9 (104,9) cm
Suction width
39 cm
Net weight, incl. battery
19,8 kg
Freshwater tank
4,8 l
Dirty water tank
5 l
Operational efficiency
900 m²
Operating time
75 min
Noise level
62 dB
Brush rotation speed
160 rpm
Brush pressure
10 kg, 35 g/cm²
Charging time
60 min
Operating time/full tank
25 min
Environment and safety

Eco Select allows to decrease energy consumption and increase running time of up to 20% in every day cleaning operations. Noise levels are lower than 2 dB allowing cleaning operations even in areas where silence is required. Programmed maintenance time gaps are longer with consequent cost reduction.

Battery Li-ion 36 V 7.2 Ah
Squeegee blades, front
IMPVR12307 (front), IMPVR12308 (back)
Squeegee blades, rear
IMPVR12310 (front), IMPVR12309 (back)
Squeegee assembly, front (incl. blades)
Squeegee assembly, rear (incl. blades)
Pad holder
Brush, soft
Brush, hard
Squeegee blades front, oil-resistant
IMPVR12579 (front), IMPVR12580 (back)
Squeegee blades rear, oil-resistant
IMPVR12581 (front), IMPVR12583 (back)