Wipes provide ease, effectivity and safety

Ready-to-use wipes offer a convenient and efficient solution for cleaning and disinfecting, while eliminating concerns about the accuracy of detergent quantities — as a pre-prepared option, it’s always precise. The consistent application of the appropriate cleaning or sanitizing solution ensures a safer environment for users. A single-use solution can prevent cross-contamination between surfaces as well.

Wipes distribute the detergent evenly throughout the cleaned surface ensuring consistent coverage and efficacy with each wipe. Being a compact and portable solution, wipes are not only convenient for on-thego needs, they offer versatility for a wide range of cleaning needs as well.

With wipes, there’s no need for dilution preparation, ensuring minimal chemical exposure during use. This translates into increased occupational safety and productivity. In addition, the efficiency and effectiveness of wipes can lead to cost savings in the long run by reducing the need for multiple cleaning products or frequent replacements, thus optimizing the cleaning budgets.

How do wipes affect the environment?

Ecological sustainability is connected to the selection of raw materials, manufacturing and usage as well as recycling and disposal of the product. The entire lifecycle from research to recycling must be considered.

When it comes to research and product development, our focus is on effectivity, so one wipe is enough. We’re working towards having all our wipes made of viscose, a bio-based material, which an be derived from wood, bamboo, or other plants.

In use, by eliminating the need for excessive paper towels or other disposable materials typically used for cleaning up spills, wipes contribute to reducing overall waste generation. Water and energy are also saved after the cleaning, since the chemicals selected to the wipes require no rinsing nor is there a need to wash the cloths after use.

The sealed outer packages of wipes, which preserve the integrity of the liquid content, by preventing evaporation or leakage, maintaining the effectiveness of the wipes until the moment of use. These packages are recyclable.

Why wipes?

  • Save time and increase workplace safety by eliminating the need to prepare dilutions
  • Always precise dosing providing consistent results
  • Suitable for a variety of cleaning and disinfecting tasks
  • No need to wash the cloths after use or to waste excessive amounts of paper towels
  • Can prevent cross-contamination between surfaces
  • Compact and portable – convenient for on-the-go needs