Kiilto Pro Alco-Free WipeDes 200 pcs
Disinfection Wipe for surfaces

Clean and disinfect food contact surfaces in one step – without alcohol

Special features

  • Alcohol-free
  • broad-spectrum effect
  • Non flammable – easier and safer to store
  • Halal Food Authority (HFA) approved​
  • Mild foaming
  • Comes with a no-rinse approval​

Ready-to-use to alcohol-free wipes for cleaning and disinfection of non-porous and hard surfaces that tolerate water, including surfaces sensitive to alcohol. Safe to use within all food and beverage processing and manufacturing. Non flammable – easier and safer to store.

Triamine-based disinfectant is characterized by rapid reaction and excellent bactericidal effect. For disinfection and cleaning of approximately 0,5m² per wipe. Approved by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Fisheries of Denmark to use for disinfection in the food industry. Halal Food Authority approved.

The product is microbicidally effective: Bacteria N1276, EN 13697, EN16615. Viruses: EN 14476 (Vaccinia, Polyoma). Molds, yeasts EN 1650.




Kiilto Pro Alco-free WipeDes are ready-to-use triamine based alcohol-free wipes which clean and disinfect food contact surfaces in one step.

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 1000pcs 8309 6417964083095
10 x 200 pcs 8308 6417964083088

Store in dry, frost-free environment away from direct sunlight.
Shelf life: Unopened: 2 years.

Instructions for use

Use on dry surfaces​, no need to clean the surface first, unless heavy soiling is present.

1. Please follow your agreed risk assessment policy guidelines regarding the use of personal protective equipment. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.​

2. Wipe the surface so that it is moist according to the stated contact time. Wipe the surface the wipe flat in an S shape moving from clean to dirty. Allow to dry.​

3. Use a fresh if the wipe becomes soiled or dry.​

4. Discard used wipes in the appropriate waste bin, following your locally agreed guidelines​

5. Wash any exposed skin thoroughly after handling.​

6. Close the packaging after use.


Close the packaging after use. An open package is to be used within 30 days.