Tomorrow’s cleanness for professionals

Kiilto has introduced new, Finnish dispensing systems for professional kitchens and cleaning. Kiilto Box and Kiilto Evo dispensing systems are closed systems, shielding the user from direct contact with undiluted cleaning agents. The products ensure safe use that is eco-friendly as well as user-friendly. All Kiilto Box and Evo products have been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel.

For professional kitchens where ease, flexibility, safety and eco-friendliness are important factors during busy workdays. Kiilto Box safety packs ensure these factors effortlessly! The Kiilto Box dispensing system is a closed system which improves occupational safety in your kitchen. The new Kiilto Box safety packs developed for machine dishwashing guarantee a clean result with any water hardness level.


The ergonomic safety pack is easy to handle and carry. The instructive pictograms help the user switch safety packs easily and quickly.


A rack can be used to place the product hanging on a wall or free-standing above the floor. Serial connection can be used to extend the replacement interval, making the dispensing system even better suited to large kitchens. The products can be stacked for storage, taking up very little space.


The chemical bag inside the safety pack is connected to the dispensing system with a quick coupling. The coupling’s reclosing valves minimise the risk of the liquid getting into contact with skin or eyes. The dispensing system is a closed system, shielding the user from accidental splashing. This improves occupational safety in the kitchen.


The products are marked with the Nordic Ecolabel. The amount of waste generated is much smaller than with plastic canisters. The cardboard box is made of recyclable brown corrugated cardboard. The chemical bag inside the box is used until empty and can be recycled as energy waste. The products are packed in 10-litre units that are easy to store and recycle.

See how Kiilto Box works in practice!

The video shows how to replace, install and recycle a Kiilto Box safety pack.

Kiilto Evo is a closed dispensing system that dispenses a solution that is ready for use. The cleaning liquid is packed inside a 2-litre bag from which the liquid can only be dispensed through the dispensing system. The system consists of a dispensing system and a compact wall-mount casing, and it can be expanded as needed.


Controlled dispensing guarantees good cleaning results and reduces costs. The Kiilto Evo dispensing system can be tailored to the customer’s individual needs.

Easy to use

Easy to instruct how to use, simple and convenient. Ready-to-use solution, quickly and reliably. The same dispenser can dispense into a dispensing bottle or a multi-purpose cleaning machine.


The closed system reduces the risk of chemical splashing. The cleaning liquid is dispensed in a controlled manner.

Less packaging waste

Reduces the amount of packaging waste. Reduces waste management costs.


Kiilto Evo cleaning liquids are eco-labelled. The products are marked with the Nordic Ecolabel, which also guarantees their safety. Only the necessary amount of cleaning liquid is used, with no unnecessary excess.

See how Kiilto Evo works in practice!

The video shows how to insert a bag of the solution into a dispenser and dispense the solution into a bottle or the water tank of a multi-purpose cleaning machine.

Products for Kiilto Box and Evo dispensing systems

Kiilto BoxProduct codePackaging sizeGTIN

Kiilto MD Box Machine dishwashing liquid 63078 13 kg (10 l) 6417964630787
Kiilto Rinse Box Rinse-aid 63079 10 l 6417964630794

Read an online brochure of the Kiilto Box dispensing system
Download a printable version of the brochure (A4 size) (in Finnish)

Kiilto EvoProduct codePackaging sizeGTIN

Kiilto Vieno Evo fragrance-free 63343 2 x 2 l 6417964483826
Kiilto Rosita Evo 63344 2 x 2 l 6417964483833
Kiilto Sanitop Evo 63348 2 x 2 l 6417964484397
Kiilto Illusia 10 Evo 63345 2 x 2 l 6417964483840
Kiilto Tepi Evo 63349 2 x 2 l 6417964484403

Read an online brochure of the Kiilto Evo dispenser
Download a printable version of the brochure (A4 size) (in Finnish)