Kiilto Pro Oven rinse box

Rinse aid in safety package, for automatic washing ovens. Kiilto Oven Rinse safely neutralizes alkaline detergent. The product prevents the formation of lime deposits on the inner surfaces of the oven. Follow the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. Use Kiilto Oven Wash Box to clean the oven.

Special features

  • Neutralizes machine surfaces
  • Brightens machine surfaces
  • Prevents the formation of limescale deposits

The Kiilto Box dosing system is a closed system that minimizes the risk of skin or eye exposure to the liquid. Due to the color-coded connector hose, the product can be easily connected to the correct dosing pump, cross-connection is also mechanically prevented.




For final rinsing of self-washing ovens and cooking appliances with automatic washing systems.


Product pH: 1.5

Appearance and scent

Clear, unscented, blue liquid

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 10 l 63080 6417964630800

Store above + 5 ° C in the original package.

Instructions for use

Dispensed automatically via the oven's or cooking equipment's own dosing pumps. The dosing is determined automatically according to the oven and washing program used.

Environment and safety

The raw materials are environmentally friendly. The transport packaging is a recyclable material. The used empty bag is completely emptied and recycled as energy waste.


Rinse the connection hose with water when changing the packaging to prevent crystals from forming in the connector. Wear protective equipment.

Ingredient Effect
Citric acid (<5%) Neutralizes the effect of alkaline detergent. Prevents limescale and water contaminants from adhering to surfaces.
Corrosion inhibitor Prevents corrosion and darkening of surfaces
Colouring agent Makes it easier to identify the purpose of the product.