Kiilto Pro Universal Probio – harness the power of probiotics for cleaning

Kiilto Pro Universal Probio, the newest addition to probiotic cleaning agents in Kiilto’s product range, is an effective, probiotic all-purpose cleaner. It cleans surfaces as a standard universal cleaner, while leaving beneficial, probiotic microbes on surfaces for prolonged impact. Probiotics work long-term, removing biofilms, grime and organic dirt.

The probiotic cleaning agent works especially well in public spaces, where the regular use of probiotic cleaning agents can transform the microbial population growing on surfaces into a stable microbiota, that is safe for health and the environment, taking space from pathogens. Schools, kindergartens, break rooms, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, public toilets, nursing homes and hospitals are perfect locations for utilizing the power of probiotics.

Kiilto Pro Universal Probio is one of the first probiotic cleaning agents that is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The substances in the cleaning agent are 100 % biodegradable, which means they decompose into carbon dioxide and water. In addition, the probiotic micro-organisms in the products are proven to be safe, naturally occurring and GMO-free.

Because of this natural origin and safeness, they integrate well in a natural microbial ecosystem and will help to restore and maintain a healthy natural microflora in the environment. Probiotic cleaning can be seen as a new method to reach improved wholesome hygiene level, above what is possible with traditional methods.

Kiilto Pro Universal Probio completes the range of probiotic cleaning agents for daily cleaning. Other probiotic cleaning agents in Kiilto’s range are Kiilto Pro Biorine, a sanitary cleaner; Kiilto Pro Odor Stop, an odour controller; and Kiilto Pro Drain Clean, an odour controller and grease disperser.

Probiotic cleaning

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