Cleaning instructions to reduce the spread of infectious diseases (e.g. corona virus)

Careful daily cleaning plays a key role in the overall comfort of the premises and in the safety of the users of the premises.

Under experimental conditions, viruses have been found to persist on various surfaces for up to several hours or days depending on the type of virus, the material of the surfaces, and the ambient temperature and humidity.

Careful cleaning with a weakly alkaline all-purpose cleaner, such as Kiilto Vieno, Kiilto 10 Universum or Kiilto Plusclean, should be carried out in a room where either the infected person or the suspected infected person has been staying. Disposable microfiber cloths and mops should be used. Special attention should be paid to contact surfaces when cleaning. Waste from cleaning and contaminated equipment should be immediately packed in a separate waste bag that will be sealed and delivered to a waste bin.

After cleaning, especially the contact surfaces should be disinfected. Kiilto Easydes Spray is a ready-to-use disinfectant with proven efficacy against coronavirus. In addition, Kiilto Pluschlor, Kiilto Desichlor and ready-to-use Tevan Panox 200 are effective disinfectants. Ready-to-use disinfectant Tevan Panox 200 is recommended for removal of possible secretion stains.

An alternative to liquid disinfectants is the Nocospray device, which is based on hydrogen peroxide dry vaporization, which also disinfect the airspace and the textile surfaces in the room. Dry vaporization is done on clean surfaces.

After daily cleaning, toilet facilities should be cleaned with a disinfectant such as Kiilto Pluschlor or Kiilto Desichlor at a dosage of 5000 ppm.

When cleaning, pay attention to your own protection. Work clothes and shoes should be easy to wash. When cleaning an area where a COVID-19 infected person has stayed, it is recommended to use a long-sleeved protective jacket that is impervious to fluid or a protective apron. The use of protective gloves is essential.

When using disposable gloves, remove them without touching their outer surface. Wash your hands after removing protective gloves with warm water and soap, for example Erisan Soap. The World Health Organization (WHO) also advises the use of ethanol-based hand rinse. Effective hand disinfectants for enveloped viruses such as coronavirus include Erisan Antiseptic Hand Rub, Käsidesi Antiseptic Hand Rub and Erisan Etasept.

Current information on the corona virus situation is available on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and WelfareFinnish Institute of Occupational Health has provided cleaning guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19 infections.

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