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Focus on Your Core while Kiilto Optimizes Your CIP processes

Circular wash processes can waste valuable resources in terms of money and work hours. Kiilto ProCIP® is a digital optimization service that improves the efficiency of CIP washes by combining information collected from factories with Kiilto's expertise. This ensures that CIP processes are in line with operational objectives as well as quality requirements.

Kiilto ProCIP® streamlines wash cycles in your facilities

Kiilto has developed a new digital service, Kiilto ProCIP®, for optimizing clean-in-place washes in food industry. Kiilto’s expert helps to identify cost-saving opportunities, and with real-time monitoring of CIP washes, anomalies can be detected and corrected as quickly as possible. The service helps factories in a way that supports operational objectives and maintains the required quality without wasting resources.

Although cycle washes are an integral part of process industry hygiene, their monitoring and adjusting is easily left to a secondary role. The opportunities for savings in water, chemical and energy consumption is not identified, leading to higher costs of hygiene maintenance. On the other hand, possible deviations during washes are detected with a delay. Locating and correcting problems can take long-term measures, the impact of which is directly reflected on the most important factor in the process industry business; production time.

Kiilto ProCIP® – your data-driven CIP partner

Kiilto ProCIP® is more than just an external resource in your production – you get a committed partner who ensures the proper functioning of CIP washes. Kiilto’s experts help to interpret the data collected from the CIP cycles, identify opportunities for you and make concrete optimization proposals that can achieve both time and money savings.

Optimization opportunities

  • Shorter washing time
  • Lower wash temperature
  • Less energy, water and chemicals consumption
  • Better process hygiene
  • A more economical and therefore more environmentally friendly wash cycles

Our ProCIP® promise: risk-free acquisition

Experts at Kiilto believe so strongly in the savings Kiilto ProCIP® brings to its customers, that the installation costs are charged only after there are verified savings. The service has a fixed monthly fee that covers the monitoring and comparison of washing operations, the detection of anomalies, optimization proposals based on data and expertise, the reporting of washing costs and optimization results, and regular status reports confirming the benefits achieved.

Optimization of CIP cycles can save more than two million liters of water per year

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