“Someone has to be first” – Kiilto offers game-changing, green adhesive innovations for the packaging industry

Kiilto is a chemical industry pioneer that has its gaze firmly fixed on the future – on a sustainable future, to be exact. The road to a greener tomorrow is paved with new innovations, such as the world's first biodegradable hot melt adhesive.

Kiilto, a 100-year-old family business offers chemical industry solutions in four business areas: Industrial Adhesives and Fireproofing, Construction, Professional Hygiene and Consumer Goods.

“Among the things we are known for are our top-quality adhesive solutions. In this business area, our customer base includes companies from the packaging and paper industry as well as wood construction and furniture industries,” explains Business Area Director Tomi Takala.

Kiilto’s operations are driven by a particularly strong will to develop greener solutions. The company has made its own promise to the environment. Kiilto promises to reduce its ecological footprint and to invest in sustainable development and production methods.

“What sets us apart from many other companies is that we have a concrete, ambitious action plan in place. Our goal is to be carbon-neutral by 2028, and looking at our progress so far, we’re confident that we are going to reach it,” Takala says.

Promoting a circular economy mentality throughout the value chain is very important to Kiilto.

The planet’s natural resources are limited, which is why we have sought to replace non-renewable raw materials with renewable ones. We promote the circular economy in many ways and help our customers to reduce the ecological footprint of their operations and products,” says Takala.

Bold steps to change the world

“One of a kind.” These are the words that Raija Polvinen, Kiilto Group’s Research, Development and Innovation Director, uses to describe Kiilto Biomelt, the hot melt adhesive developed by Kiilto. Kiilto Biomelt is indeed the first hot melt adhesive in the world that is fully biodegradable. Although the work was not easy, the drive to offer greener solutions prompted Kiilto to continue developing the new product.

“Someone always has to be first to take the first steps in a new direction – even when there is no guarantee of success. It’s about pioneering. The mindset of ‘you can make a difference’ is integral to Kiilto. We believe that we can play a big part in steering future development in the right direction,” says Takala.

With Kiilto Biomelt, manufacturers are able to produce completely compostable packaging without taking the adhesive out of the equation. It can be used for thing like takeaway boxes, or even hygiene products, such as nappies.

“Until now, the packaging industry has been using oil-based plastic adhesives to hold its products together, since there has not been a greener alternative available. Plastic waste and microplastics have been identified as a major problem worldwide,” Takala says.

“If we were to pack all the packaging adhesive used in Europe in just one year into lorries and place them in a queue, it would stretch all the way from Paris to Brussels. Environmentally speaking, the raw materials used to produce all that adhesive are quite a significant factor,” Takala explains.

Kiilto Biomelt can also be help strengthen the environmentally friendly brand of the packaged product. In consumers’ eyes, this is an increasingly compelling consideration.

The future is sustainable

Kiilto has also launched the Kiilto Pro Pack Eco product line, which largely utilises renewable raw materials from industry by-products. These industrial packaging adhesives can easily be used to replace old solutions without any changes to the existing processes.

“We want to be the environmental leader in our industry, and that requires concrete actions. The Pack Eco series has completely replaced our previous similar industrial adhesives. We only offer the more sustainable solution for this category anymore. We wanted to make a clear stand – if you’re looking for a greener alternative, you can find it in Kiilto’s product range. We are also committed to continuing our development work,” says Polvinen. 

“These new products are our way of speeding up progress towards an industry that is no longer dependent on non-renewable raw materials. Solutions that reduce the strain caused to the environment give the entire industry a chance to move forward more sustainably,” Takala emphasises.