Kiilto Pro Avena has been granted the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

In April 2021, Kiilto launched the new Kiilto Pro Avena products that are especially effective against plant-based product residue in food industry. We are proud to present that Avena products have been granted the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as a certificate of being among the best cleaning detergents in terms of their environmental profile.

As interest in sustainability continues to rise among consumers, growing number of food production companies strive after options that are good for the environment. Kiilto is taking part on this journey by making it more easier to reach green goals through its own ambitious Our Promise to the Environment. With environmental-friendly solutions such as Kiilto Pro Avena, Kiilto supports its food industry customers in building a brighter future.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a certification for sustainable solutions based on a life cycle assessment and an overall goal to reduce the environmental impact from production and consumption of goods. The whole life cycle of a product is taken into account, and strict requirements are set concerning the environmental and health effects of the constituent substances and with regard to packaging. The use phase and raw material extraction are also taken into account in the requirements. A product that is granted the label must be at least as effective as other options in the market, while being sustainable, safe to use and long-lasting. Certified of being environmentally friendly, the Kiilto Pro Avena detergents answer to the raising demands of the market without compromising on the effectiveness.

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Swan-labeled washing detergents for food industry

Together with the new Kiilto Pro Avena and other ecolabelled cleaning detergents in Kiilto’s comprehensive assortment, it is easy to choose a sustainable hygiene solution that meets and exceeds the needs of the production lines and all other facilities in food industry.

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