Partnership with Nordic Swan Ecolabel for environmental leadership

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the most prestigious brands in the Nordic countries. For Kiilto, partnership with the label is an important part of environmental leadership, and even a precondition for sales in the case of some products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria are revised approximately every five years, and Kiilto works hard to meet them.

The certification has been awarded to Kiilto products for over twenty years now. Kiilto is one of the first operators in the cleaning sector to earn the label for its products.  It went without saying that Kiilto would apply for the certification again when the new criteria for detergents were in place. Kiilto’s goal is to be the environmental leader in its field, and the Swan Label Ecolabel provides valuable assistance on this journey. In addition, the label is a recognition of the sustainability and efficiency of Kiilto products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is well known and valued in all of the countries where Kiilto operates. In the Nordic countries in particular, the brand is a strong indication of the value of the product, and high-quality products are assumed to carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Right to use the label revised in accordance with updated criteria

Reapplying for the right of use requires that a significant amount of resources be invested by the manufacturer, as the criteria usually become stricter every time they are revised. At Kiilto, the right of use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel has been successfully renewed for professional cleaning products that fall under the criteria for detergents. The product development department has done a lot of work to ensure that the criteria are met. In addition to being prepared to invest in the development of products that are easier on the environment, companies seeking the label must also demand the same from their suppliers of raw material and packaging.

The new criteria for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel will be visible to Kiilto’s customers in various ways, for example, in spray product bottles made of recycled plastic, increased use of sustainably produced renewable raw materials, use of packaging that is suitable for recycling and is resource-efficient, and foaming triggers. Many of the criteria set by the Nordic Scan Ecolabel contribute to the circular economy.

“The planet’s natural resources are limited, and we need to pay more and more attention to the wellbeing of our environment and climate. At the same time, constant progress is being made in regard to raw materials, research and packaging materials. An external and independent entity such as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel challenges us to update our products to reflect the latest knowledge, taking into account both the environment and user safety. However, this is achieved without compromising on the effectiveness of the products”, says solution manager Tiina Laurén of Kiilto’s professional cleaning operations.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel is also a recognition of reduced climate impact

From the point of view of Kiilto’s ambitions of environmental leadership, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an important part of the work. The label is a life cycle marking that assesses the climate impacts of products throughout their life cycle, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Nordic Swan organisation is also a pioneer, with stricter requirements than are required by legislation, for example. Kiilto’s goals are also set higher than the average.

“The Nordic Swan Ecolabel can be seen as a tool in combating climate change. The requirements demand that products be of higher quality and more functional, and that companies use renewable raw materials, recyclable packaging and reduce the amount of packaging waste. These all help to lessen the environmental impact of products”, Laurén explains.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is part of a broader picture and, for example, contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the goal of responsible consumption and production. This is reflected, among other things, in the requirement to use sustainably produced and renewable raw materials. The requirement to demonstrate the functionality of a product, in turn, contributes to the manufacture of high-quality products, thus reducing the risk of excessive dosage and lessening the environmental impact of the product.

A sign a reliability for the customers

Products bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel must be as good or better in terms of functionality as comparable products on the market. In addition to the environmental impact, products must take health impacts carefully into account. Kiilto’s customers also feel that the label is important, and recognise that it contributes to achieving environmental goals and the safe use of products. Kiilto experts Päivi-Leena Salviander and Tiia Perälä tell that for customers the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a sign of reliability.

“Many feel that the label represents reliability in all areas. When selecting a range of products for a specific application, we place particular emphasis on environmental issues. Through the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, we have the confidence to introduce new products.”

“The ecolabel is also important for many of our customers’ own customers, for example in nursing homes and hotels. Environmental values are considered in many places, and people want them to be visible in daily activities. The label is strongly associated with health benefits and user safety.”

Customers’ appreciation of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is also concretely reflected in sales figures. Swan-labelled cleaning products are the most popular, when counted in kilograms, up to 70% of the sold Kiilto professional cleaning products have the label.

“I’m confident that this is due to the high quality and effectiveness of the products, and the fact that at the same time the customer is able to have a beneficial effect on the environment and follow their own environmental values through their own choices”, says Laurén. “This is also a sign of the shared values of Kiilto and its customers.”