Kiilto is boldly developing new green packaging adhesive solutions

Kiilto's Promise to the Environment strongly guides the company's product development on a broad front. Kiilto is soon launching new green industrial adhesive solutions for paper and packaging.

Kiilto takes account of environmental factors in all its business activities and choices as a family business. Kiilto has, for example, made a strict environmental promise concerning the raw materials it uses: the share of recycled and renewable raw materials will be doubled at chemical plants by 2025. Kiilto also has the ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2028.

Towards more sustainable solutions in collaboration with industrial customers

Kiilto has extensive experience in producing high-quality industrial adhesive solutions, and it collaborates closely with its customers in several countries. Both the changing industry regulations and trends have become familiar in the process.

“Particularly in large companies, environmental issues are now emerging strongly, and customer companies also have their own interesting environmental goals”, says Kiilto’s Lauri Mäkinen, Solutions Manager, Paper and Packaging.

Kiilto is happy to discuss environmental issues and green choices with its customers.

“Our activities are guided by Kiilto’s Promise to the Environment, in which we have set clear, concrete environmental goals for our operations. That’s why developing new green solutions for our offering is so natural for us”, describes Mäkinen.

An industry pioneer

Kiilto wants to meet the requirements of industrial customers and act as a pioneer that helps customers make their own processes more sustainable. The bio-based, biodegradable hot melt adhesive Kiilto Biomelt has already been a concrete example of new innovations in the industry.

“We want to be an industry pioneer in green adhesive solutions for packaging”, continues Mäkinen.

Being a pioneer requires the courage to look forward. Not to mention constant investment in product development.

“Our own product development is currently bearing fruit. We are about to launch a new green packaging adhesive solution soon“, reveals Mäkinen.