Kiilto Family arranges art competition for students of Academy of Fine Arts

The competition is all about unique works of art. Participants are free to choose their medium, for example graphics, photography or painting. Around fifty pieces were entered in the competition by the given deadline, the end of September.

According to professor Villu Jaanisoo from the Academy of Fine Arts, cooperation with companies is a modern trend that has been widely adopted in the world of art as well. “The students were enthusiastic about the competition. We regularly arrange public art competitions, but the exceptional feature of the competition arranged together with Kiilto is the fact that an exceptionally large number of pieces will be purchased. Purchasing pieces by young artists is an excellent way to support the arts”, Jaanisoo continues.

Art for the enjoyment of personnel and visitors in Kiilto offices

At the first stage of the competition, the faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts, led by professor Villu Jaanisoo, selected fifteen pieces to enter the next stage of the competition. These pieces can currently be seen in an exhibition at the headquarters of Kiilto in Lempäälä, Finland. The aim of the competition is to find pieces to place in the different offices of Kiilto in several countries. Kiilto has promised to purchase all of the fifteen pieces selected for the exhibition.

According to Erkki Solja, CEO of the Kiilto Family Group, art—and culture in a broader sense—is the glue that any community or society requires in order to function. “For example, support for the Academy of Fine Arts and artists in general is a bridge between business life and the art community that we can use to show our employees, customers and other stakeholders in Finland and in our international companies that we consider culture an important part of life as well. We feel that it is our duty to participate in such projects whenever we have the financial opportunity to do so as a company”, CEO Solja says.

Become part of an art jury

All of the fifteen pieces selected for the Kiilto art exhibition will participate in the second stage of the competition. A jury will select the top three. The general public can also participate by voting for their favourite. The results will be published and the awards will be presented on 3 November 2017.


Customer Is King — Focusing on People

The theme Customer Is King refers to the importance of meeting your customers to create a good or, at best, excellent, customer experience. It emphasises the fact that we all have customers—people—around us in different environments and situations, who we meet. This leads to the questions of who is your customer and how can you meet them. A customer can be anyone who expects or receives something from you. In a broader sense, this refers to human relations, humanity and an appreciation of the role of people in this era of machines.

Established a hundred years ago, Kiilto is an innovative group of companies that aims for sustainable growth. The working method in our family business has arisen from the strong Finnish expertise and from the appreciation of our personnel. We offer chemical fastening and structure solutions for construction and industry professionals and high-quality cleaning and hygiene solutions to consumers, as well as for the needs of professional cleaning, healthcare, catering services and industries. Net sales of the overall Group are around EUR 153 million. We employ a total of around 800 people in our different companies in the Baltic Sea region.