Kiilto Pro Pure Hypo 20 L
Hypochlorite-based detergent

Special features

Strongly alkaline hypochlorite-based hard surface foam cleaner.
Removes color residue and deposits from surfaces. Easy to rinse off from the surfaces.




Suitable for special washing of equipment and surfaces washed with the foam washing method in the food and other process industries.
Effectively removes animal fat and protein residue.


Product pH: 13.5
Solution pH: 12

Appearance and scent

Clear, yellowish liquid

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 20 l 60241 6417964602418
1 x 300 l 60245 6417964602456

Store in dry place at a temperature between 5°C - 25°C.

Instructions for use

1. Start by rinsing the surface with lukewarm water (approx. 30 °C)
2. Foam up Pure Hypo on the surface to be cleaned (30 - 50°C). Recommended dosage 2 – 5 %, depending on the level of griminess of the surface. Reaction time: 10 – 20 minutes
3. Rinse off the dissolved dirt and foam using lukewarm or warm water.

Environment and safety

Surfactants in the product are biodegradable. Clean, empty packaging materials can be recycled or used in energy production.


Soft metal surfaces must be rinsed thoroughly after washing.
May stain light metal surfaces with prolonged use.

Ingredient Effect
Sodium hydroxide (< 5 %) Emulsifies fats and disperses dirt
Sodium hypochlorite (< 5 %) Emulsifies fats and disperses dirt
Non-ionic surfactants (< 5 %) Removes soil and lowers surface tension
Anionic surfactants (< 5 %) Removes soil and lowers surface tension
Sodium citrate (< 5 %) Softens water