Erisan SafePoint+
Dosing Device

Unique large-capacity dispenser for automated dispensing of hand disinfectant especially in public spaces. Developed and manufactured in Finland. Very long autonomy: up to 5000 dispenses per 5 litre container. Thanks to the bi-directional design, the dispensing of the hand disinfectant may be done from both sides of the unit. This allows enhanced dispensing efficiency in various locations.

The technology used in the dispenser is suitable for demanding and continuous use and is quick and simple to install with effortless commissioning. Industrial-grade smart sensor recognises movement and heat from the user’s hand and dispenses a sufficient amount of hand disinfectant. The supply container and waste fluid container are kept safe and usable within a lockable cabinet.



Product Information

Public spaces (lobbies, entrances etc.), healthcare, restaurants, cruise ships

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
1 x 1 pcs 8380 6417964838008
Technical Information
25 kg
Electrical supply
mains current (24 VDC)
W 35 cm x H 140 cm x D 23 cm
galvanised steel, ABS plastic
Colour (shell frame)
Colour (steel structure)
Instructions and Safety

Keep the unit upright during storage and transportation with the supply tubes emptied. The supply container must be removed before moving the unit.

Environment and safety

This device is designed for indoor use only. Disconnect the unit from electrical supply always before maintaining or transporting. Clean the unit's surfaces regularly with a moist microfiber cloth. Empty the waste fluid container by local regulations.


Use the unit only with hand disinfectants approved by KiiltoClean.