Kiilto Pro VOC Block

Barrier against harmful substances from the structures into indoor air. An odour- and solvent-free barrier for controlling PAH and VOC and ammonia compounds. Thanks to the mesh structure, the product is very dense. Suitable for floors and walls.

Special features

  • barrier for controlling PAH, VOC and ammonia compounds
  • suitable for floors and walls
  • complete membrane with two layers
  • can be coated




Barrier against harmful substances from the structures into indoor air. Suitable for encapsulating PAH, VOC and ammonia compounds on wall and floor surfaces.

Package Size EAN Code
9,5 kg 6411513248102
Air humidity

max 70% RH

Bond strength

adheres to: concrete, floor levelling compound, wall plaster, brick, sandlime brick, gypsum board, stainless steel, Kiilto Hydrablock, Kiilto Airblock, Kiilto A 215 and Kiilto Pro Masa. Ensure the strength and cleanness of the substrate before application.

Classifications and certificates

barrier for PAH, VOC and ammonia compounds (Eurofins Expert Services Oy)






approx. 1.4 kg/m2 (mixture), two applications

Curing rate

recoatable in 3–8 hours, depending on the conditions
final hardness in about a week

Density/specific weight

approx. 1.4 kg/l (mixture)

Elongation at break

approx. 2%

GREEN CONTENT, renewable and recycled material content

n. 22 %

Layer thickness

About 1 mm, ready dry film

Mixing ratio

4;31:1 (base:hardener), by weight
(base 1 kg, hardener 0.232 kg)

Package sizes

9.5 kg + 2.2 kg

Pot life

20–30 min.


In unopened containers, above +1 °C, for 12 months.

Substrate humidity

< 90% RH (observe the instructions for the substrate)

Tensile strength

approx. 25 MPa

Working conditions

observe the humidity instructions for the substrate

Instructions for use

The floor surface must be dustless, clean and hard (even and clean concrete or equivalent even and sufficiently hard levelling surface, such as Kiilto Pro Plan Fiber). Pre-fill the joint between the floor and wall with Kiilto Pro Masa fix and sealant. A suitable substrate for the wall is even and clean concrete or equivalent even and sufficiently hard levelling surface, such as Kiilto SR DF.

The relative humidity of the substrate must be less than 90%. If the substrate is very porous, it can be primed with Kiilto Pro VOC Block barrier, using 0.3 kg/m². The product can be applied with a trowel, for example. Three layers of priming is required. If the surface is already well-suited for barrier application, no priming is necessary.
If the relative humidity of the substrate is more than 90%, use Kiilto Hydrablock. Consumption: 0.3 kg/m². Allow the primer to dry for 10–24 hours, followed by the first layer of Kiilto Pro VOC Block over it.

Combine the hardener with the barrier in the proper proportion. Mix the product carefully, also on the edges and bottom of the container. Full containers have the proper mixing ratio. If not properly mixed, the product will not harden. By keeping the whisk under the surface all the time, you avoid unnecessary air bubbles in the mixture. The working time of a mixed product is 20–30 minutes.

Kiilto Pro VOC Block is applied twice. For the floor, it can be applied with a roller or notched trowel.

When using a roller, the film thickness must be monitored with a wet film comb, for example, or by keeping an eye on the consumption. Allow the first layer to dry for 3 to 8 hours before applying the second layer, using the same method. The total consumption is 1.4 kg/m2.

A layer applied with a notched trowel should be rolled throughout with a microfibre roller (e.g. CEL Microstar) for a smoother surface and to get rid of any bubbles. We recommended the B1 notched trowel model. When using a notched trowel, you can easily apply the proper amount for the first layer (0.7 kg/m2).

When applying Kiilto Pro VOC Block on the wall, you need at least two layers, and a roller can be used. We recommend a microfibre roller, such as CEL Microstar.
The relative humidity of the area must not exceed 70% RH, and the temperature must be between +15 °C and +30 °C.

Kiilto Pro VOC Block must be surfaced. This can be done by levelling, tiling or with a floating material, once the surface has dried, in 3 to 8 hours. If choosing levelling or tiling, the substrate is primed with undiluted Kiilto Pro Fix Primer, which is allowed to dry, depending on the conditions, for about 2 hours (until the surface is quite dry). When levelling, the minimum layer thickness is 5 mm. A floating engineered parquet or laminate may be installed directly on top of Kiilto VOC Block provided the substrate is sufficiently straight.

The temperature and humidity of materials and of the air affect the hardening process.

Clean tools with acetone or Kestopur Cleaner 303.

Additional information

The information in this data sheet is based on our own research and practical knowledge. The technical values have been determined in standardised conditions. If the local conditions differ from these, they and the working methods will affect the values and the product’s functionality. The way the work is carried out also has a significant impact on the end result. Kiilto bears responsibility for ensuring that the product meets our quality management system standards. However, the local conditions and working methods are beyond our control, and therefore we cannot be held responsible for the final result. The user must ensure suitability for the intended purpose.

Environment and safety

Wear protective gloves to avoid unnecessary skin contact with the product while applying it. Read the product safety data sheet. Please see our website for information on product and packaging disposal.

M1 emission classification for building material
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