Kiilto Pro Fusion Bottle&Bucket fill
Dosing Device

Kiilto Pro Fusion (bottle and bucket fill) dosing device is a part of a closed dosing system that allows you to avoid contact with undiluted cleaning agents. It dispenses solutions needed quickly and reliably.

Special features

  • Controlled dosing
  • Up to 4 different cleaning agents can be connected
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Improves cost-effectiveness of cleaning
  • A compact system

Economical: Controlled dosing guarantees a high-quality cleaning result and reduces costs. The Kiilto Pro Fusion dispensing system can be modified according to the customer's needs.

Easy to use: Easy guide operation, simple and convenient to use. Prepare the working solution quickly and reliably. The same dosing device can be used to dose both the dosing bottle and the bucket.

Safe: The closed system reduces the risk of material spills. The dosage of the detergent is controlled.

Less packaging waste: The amount of packaging waste is reduced with cleaning detergent. Reduces waste costs.

Environmentally friendly: Kiilto Pro Fusion cleaning detergents are eco-labelled. The products have the Swan label, which also guarantees the safety products. Only use the necessary amount of cleaning detergent without unnecessary overdosing.




Safe and effective dosing

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code Description
1 x 1 pcs 4070007 Kiilto Pro Fusion Bottle&Bucket 3pcs 2L cabinets
1 x 1 pcs 4070009 Kiilto Pro Fusion Bottle&Bucket fill
Measurs (H x W x D):
212 x 240 x 105mm
Kiilto Pro Fusion 2L lockable cabinet
Kiilto Pro Fusion 5l lockable cabinet
Double nipple 3/4"' UK, chromed brass
Inlet Water Hose 1.5m