Kiilto PL 250
Tile adhesive + hardener

Light-coloured, solvent-free, two-component polyurethane adhesive for the gluing of ceramic floor and wall tiles. Suitable also for the gluing of glass mosaic. Also, for exterior applications. Fire classification according to FTPC, MED certificate (Wheelmark).

Special features

  • two-component polyurethane tiling adhesive
  • for interior and exterior applications
  • for gluing of ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, marble and stone
  • fire classification according to FTCP
  • MED certificate, so-called Wheelmark




Kiilto PL 250 Laattaliima is a two-component, solvent-free, M1-labelled and fire-classified polyurethane adhesive, which gives a strong, yet elastic bond. Due to its paste formula, it is ideal for trowel application for walls and ceilings. Used in conjunction with Kiilto PL 250 Laattaliimakovete hardener. Kiilto PL 250 Laattaliima is used for the gluing of, e.g., metals, PVC and concrete as well as the gluing of ceramic and glass mosaic tiles on Kiilto waterproofing membranes. Adhesion strength complies with EN 12003 and EN 1348 standards after water-stress tests. The adhesive is fire classified according to IMO FTPC Resolution MSC.61 (67) Part 2 and Part 5 and has an MED certificate (Wheelmark).

Package Size EAN Code
4,2 kg/5 l + 0,7 kg 6411511660050

non-sagging paste


600–1 500 g/m² depending on the material and the substrate


600–1 500 g/m² depending on the material and the substrate

Curing rate

Tiles can be grouted after 8–9 h (20 °C). The final strength will build within a week.

Density/specific weight

approx. 1.5 kg/dm³ (resin 1.6 kg/dm³ and hardener 1.2 kg/dm³)

Elongation at break

30 %

Frost resistance

Product components must be protected from freezing. Cured product is frost-proof.

Mixing ratio

6 weight parts Kiilto PL 250 Laattaliima + 1 weight part Kiilto PL 250 Laattaliimakovete hardener

Mixture colour

broken white

Package sizes

5 l/4.2 kg + 0.75 l/0.7 kg

Pot life

approx. 60 min (20 °C, 50 % RH)


In unopened containers at +20 °C for 12 months.

Tensile strength

5 N/mm²

Working time

Approx. 90 min. after mixing (spread on the substrate).

Instructions for use

The surfaces to be bonded must be clean and dry. Remove oxidations, grease and other impurities using Kiilto Maalarinpesu, solvent or by sanding. When applying Kiilto PL 250 tile adhesive on concrete, relative humidity of the surface can be max. 90%. Stir Kiilto PL 250 Laattaliima adhesive and carefully add the hardener. Then mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture with a trowel or other application tool on one or both surfaces to be bonded. Remove fresh adhesive stains with a dry cloth and clean the surfaces with acetone or xylene. Hardened adhesive can only be removed by mechanical means. We recommend using adhesive at room temperature. However, the gluing can be carried out at lower temperatures (even at +5–10 °C), but then the curing time will be much longer and spreading properties will suffer.

Additional information

The information given in this product data sheet is based on our tests and our practical knowledge. The technical data is defined in standard conditions. Variations in local working conditions and methods will affect the product performance and result. We guarantee the high quality of our products according to our Quality Management System. No liability can be accepted from incorrect use of the product or prevailing conditions, over which we have no control. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for the final result. The correct use of the product presupposes that the user has made him/herself aware of the contents of the working instructions and procedure guide, if provided.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure with the fresh product, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit