Kestopur 3 W
1-component polyurethane adhesive

Kestopur 3 W is a one-component polyurethane adhesive.

Special features

  • Very fast bonding
  • Suitable for CLT-board edge bonding 




Kestopur 3 W is a very fast bonding one-component polyurethane adhesive, which hardens by moisture. Strong foam building. Due to its D4 class water resistance, the adhesive is ideal for gluing wood. The suitability of the adhesive for the materials should be checked and the adhesion ensured with appropriate tests before use. The product is solvent and formaldehyde free.

Package Size Product Code
Kestopur 3 W 220 kg/200 l T2511.200
Kestopur 3 W Fluid cont T2511.995

Polyurethane adhesive

Density/specific weight

approx. 1.1 kg/dm³


10000 mPas (Brookfield RVT 20 °C)

Open time

Max. 2 min
(amount of adhesive 180 g/m², wood's moisture content 15%, temperature 20 °C, air humidity 50%)


Depending on use 50 - 200 g/m².

Pressing time

Minimum pressing time from 3 min.
(Adhesive spread ≤ 100 g/m², spruce, 12% wood moisture, pressing and curing 20 °C / 65% relative humidity and regularly checked maximum 0.1 mm bond line.)

Compression pressure

0.5 - 1.0 N/mm².

Working conditions

10 - 30 °C, 30 - 75% Relative humidity.

Wood moisture content

5 - 18%. (When wood moisture content is < 10%, ensure that the pressing time is sufficient.)


Can be stored in an unopened package for 4 months.

Instructions for use

The adhesive is designed for automatic nozzle application. It is very important to protect the applicator and production line with water-free release agent.

The adhesive is spread on the wood surface, and the wood is pressed together. The required strength is achieved within 1-3 minutes after the pressing has ended. The pressing time strongly depends on the moisture content of the wood. The final bond strength depends on the type of wood and the amount of adhesive used.

Safety gloves must be worn when handling Kestopur 3 W adhesive. Respiratory protection must be worn when spraying the adhesive and at temperatures above +40 ° C.

Remove fresh adhesive stains with a dry cloth and clean the surfaces with acetone or Kiilto Cleaner 307. Cured adhesive can be removed only by mechanical means.

Additional information

Our instructions are based on extensive investigations and experience, and according to the international practice we can be held liable only for the uniform quality of the product. In view of the large variety of materials and the conditions under which our products are applied, no responsibility can be assumed for the results obtained or any damage caused from the use of the product. Before using the product, especially when introducing new materials, production machinery or methods, the user must carry out tests in order to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended application.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact and exposure to the uncured adhesive, use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit