Kestopur 20 hardener

Kestopur 20 is a solvent-free, isocyanate hardener for two-component Kestopur polyurethane adhesives.




Kestopur 20 is a modified, solvent-free isocyanate hardener for two-component Kestopur polyurethane end-capping resins and adhesives. Kestopur 20 makes end-capping resin or adhesive joint very elastic with a high tear strength.

Package Size Product Code
Kestopur 20 kovete 24kg/20 l T3632.020
Density/specific weight

approx. 1.20 kg/dm³



Mixing ratio

See technical data sheet of the resin.


150 mPas (Brookfield RVT, 2/20, 20 °C)

Package sizes

24 kg


Unopened at +10–25 °C for 12 months Stir well before use.

Instructions for use

The surfaces to be bonded or components cast must be clean and dry. Remove any oxides, grease and other dirt with e.g. Kiilto Cleaner 303, acetone or by sanding, if needed. Add Kestopur 20 hardener to Kestopur resin and mix properly. Carefully follow the instructions on the mixing ratio – too small or big an amount of hardener will result in incomplete hardening and in most cases too soft a result. Protect the product from air humidity, since this will cause bubbles and a rise in viscosity. Ensure proper ventilation and wear suitable protective clothing. We recommend carrying out the casting or gluing at room temperature. However, the work can be carried out at lower temperatures (even at +5–10°C), but then the curing time will be much longer and the shelf-life shorter.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact with and exposure to the fresh product: use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit

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