Updating article — Kiilto’s preparations for the coronavirus situation

Kiilto has established a working group which is actively monitoring the progress of the coronavirus and the related guidelines, and directing preparedness measures within the Group. We will update this customer bulletin as the coronavirus situation develops.

Impact on production and deliveries of Kiilto’s professional hygiene products

Demand for hand hygiene products has grown very rapidly in recent days. We regret to say that, as a result, it is taking us longer than normal to confirm orders for hygiene products. We have stepped up our production to meet demand for cleanliness and hygiene products as best as we can. However, we are unable to deliver such products to new customers or private individuals, as we are prioritising healthcare customers and other contract customers in this regard.

Regarding products for hand and surface disinfection, we have prioritised production of the most effective products with the widest range of applications. We have also markedly stepped up our purchases of raw and packaging materials used in our priority products.

Good hand hygiene, i.e. careful hand-washing and disinfection, is the most effective way to stop diseases from spreading and protect ourselves and those with whom we are in close contact. We have posted comprehensive information about hand hygiene and proper hand washing techniques on our website.

Impact on orders

The coronavirus has significantly increased demand for professional hyginene and consumer products. For this reason, it is taking us longer to process orders and send order confirmations. For our order centre to function normally, we would ask our Finnish customers to send orders in writing to tilaus@kiilto.com for the time being.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to respond to requests for information on the availability of our hygiene products and due our currently limited product range, we cannot deliver all ordered items in full.
Because we are receiving a large number of orders at the moment, if possible please combine any small individual orders into a single order for all product groups. This will help us to reduce the turnaround time for orders.  
Thank you for your understanding, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Impacts on Kiilto’s construction and industry business areas

Production within Kiilto’s construction and industry business areas is currently proceeding normally and inventory levels have been raised to above normal.

Events and training

Events and training for customers have been cancelled for the time being, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

If the purpose of the training was renewal of wet room certification that was about to expire, Eurofins Expert Services states that you can report your registration for Kiilto training on the website OmaSertifikaatti.fi (only in Finnish). When reporting this, you should mention that the training has been postponed due to the coronavirus.

Further details are available from Eurofins Expert Service. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience these cancellations will cause our customers. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot predict when our training will continue, but we will provide information on any changes in the situation as soon as they occur. We recommend that you check our website for updates on various issues.

Impact on Kiilto’s daily work

We have also adapted our daily operations in order to serve our customers as well as possible.

We currently prefer to conduct meetings remotely, and will try to do so in all cases. During customer contacts, we will avoid shaking hands but greet people politely in other ways. For the time being, we will avoid business trips and also recommend that our staff avoid leisure travel.

As a precautionary measure, we will not hold international meetings, training or other events involving more than 10 people, and will not participate in meetings, events, trade fairs or training organised by other parties and which involve more than 10 participants. Our locations will not receive guests and visitor groups (except contractors, freight carriers and suppliers) until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and for arrangements such as the postponement of agreed visits. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will adjust our internal guidelines as necessary.