4080 0002

Kiilto Pro MD Block Alu
Machine Dishwashing Agent

Environmentally friendly solid dishwashing detergent designed to dissolve all grease and lime coatings. Especially for washing dishes made of aluminum. Dispense with a Whiteline MD Dispenser. Due to the automatic dosing, excellent dosing accuracy. Suitable for machine dishwashers in professional use.

Special features

  • Solid form
  • Labelled with the Nordic Ecolabel
  • Automatic dosing
  • Large pack size of 4,95 kg
  • Ergonomic to use
  • Economic to use




Detergent for machine dishwashers in professional use.


Solution pH: 12

Country of manufacture


Package Size Product Code GTIN
2 x 4,95 kg 63159 6417964631593
Instructions for use

Dosage begins from 1,2 g/l in water hardness over 6 °dH. Temperature in main wash must be 60 - 65 °C.

Before the main wash cycle, rinse the dishes with warm water (max +35°C). Place the dishes on appropriate racks with the soiled sides facing the machine spray heads. Ensure that all dishes are within the reach of the machine spray heads.

4080 0002