The new, long-awaited adhesive sealant is here – super-fast Kiilto Pro Speed

Kiilto Pro Speed is an excellent adhesive choice for purposes such as mounting toilet seats or gluing light partition wall frames to the surrounding concrete structures.

Perhaps the most talked-about adhesive sealant this autumn has finally arrived. We have renewed our range of Kiilto Pro cartridge adhesives.

The new Kiilto Pro Speed bonds especially fast. This means that the adhesive joint develops its structural strength significantly faster other adhesive sealants.

“The product’s fast bonding capabilities bring real added value for both contractors and their customers. Using Kiilto Pro Speed for mounting toilet seats during bathroom renovations, for example, means that the bathroom will be available for use sooner,” says Kiilto product manager Saana Leppänen.

Kiilto Pro Speed is a precision solution that is also suitable for applications that require a research-proven acoustic joint sealant.

Choosing the right adhesive sealant now easier than ever

With our new and further improved range of cartridge adhesives and sealants, we also wanted to make life easier for our customers. Choosing the right product is now even simpler. You can now find Kiilto experts’ product recommendations for various purposes in this handy application table.

“Kiilto has been operating for over 100 years, and we have manufactured adhesives since the early decades. We know the performance requirements for adhesive sealants, and we have extensive knowledge of their various applications,” Leppänen says.

Discover Kiilto’s new and improved adhesive sealant range for construction