The entire Kiilto Family group goes smoke-free on 1 September 2018

Early in the year, Kiilto Oy and Kiilto Family Oy adopted the general smoke-free policy of chemical industry companies. Starting on 1 September, all other members of the Kiilto Family group will also be non-smoking. This policy applies to all Finnish companies of the group: Kiilto, KiiltoClean, Intermedius and Kiiltoplast.

Being a smoke-free company means that tobacco products may not be used on company premises, whether indoors or outdoors. The ban concerns all sites and anyone entering their premises. Furthermore, all events held by the group companies in their own facilities will be smoke-free. The remaining smoking areas will be removed on 31 August 2018.

Safety is responsibility

Kiilto’s decision to prohibit the use of tobacco products reflects its commitment to the goals of the Tobacco-Free Finland 2030 project.

The project is run by a network that, among other things, seeks to encourage people to have a positive attitude towards non-smoking, to discourage young people from starting smoking and to support efforts to quit using tobacco products.

Safety and responsibility are the cornerstones of the whole operating culture of industrial companies. We are constantly working to improve these aspects of our operating culture. The smoke-free policy common in the chemical industry is also justified for the companies belonging to the Kiilto Family group and part of developing the group’s overall safety.

We will take measures against any violations of the smoke-free policy, whether they concern an employee or a visitor. Our companies will offer nicotine replacement products to support smoke-free visits.


Action to support well-being

Although being smoke-free is a question of safety, it is equally important for the well-being of our personnel. Like other pioneering companies, Kiilto wishes to offer a safe and pleasant workplace where nobody is exposed to tobacco products or the social pressure involved in their use.

Our personnel must stay smoke-free during working hours.

“At work, our focus is on the work, and we do not interfere with our personnel’s leisure time as an employer. It is important to note that we value all of our employees equally, regardless of whether or not they use tobacco products off the clock,” says Minna Huru, HR manager.

Further information:

Minna Huru

HR Manager

Kiilto Family