Temporary changes due to corona virus

The corona virus epidemic (COVID-19) is causing an exceptional situation, as a result of which we are taking such measures as making temporary changes to some of our packaging materials.

We want to ensure that our hand hygiene products are as widely available on the market as possible, and to this end we have taken certain measures in our production. Pia Kakko, director of the Kiilto supply chain, explains that products for hand and surface disinfection have been selected as the most effective products for large-scale use and have been prioritised in production. In addition, purchases of raw materials and packaging materials used in priority products have been significantly increased.

There has been a problem with availability for some materials, and we have, therefore, made changes to the packaging of some of our products. At the moment, the most difficult situation is the bottle pump for 500 ml bottles. To ensure the continued availability of important products, we have made a decision to temporarily prepare some 500 ml bottle-packed products with a press-top cap. These products are: Erisan Antiseptic Hand Rub 500 ml, Käsidesi 500 ml and Erisan Etasept 500 ml.

In order deliveries, we have given priority to healthcare customers. In order to make our products adequately available on the market, we have increased the number of shifts in our production and we are hiring more staff. With these measures, we want to ensure that all pack sizes of our hand hygiene products can still be put on the market and prevent the spread of pathogens by hand.

We monitor the situation daily and will take additional measures, if necessary.

How to combat the corona virus?

Kiilto has set up a working group to monitor and instruct staff on the corona virus situation. Staff have been instructed to avoid travelling to affected areas and to prepare for quarantine if travelling in their spare time to the risk areas reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We emphasise correct hand and coughing hygiene, both externally in our channels and internally to our staff, and we strive to provide useful and up-to-date information on how best to protect against the corona virus, as well as other viruses. More information and up-to-date instructions can be found for example in our newsroom.

In addition to good personal hygiene, attention should also be paid to proper cleaning. For general cleaning of all type of premises, it is advisable to always move from a clean room to a dirtier one. And to thorougly and frequently clean all frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, desk surfaces etc. Disinfectants can be used when needed.

If a person infected with COVID-10 has visited the room, in addition to the usual cleaning, disinfection of the contact surfaces and sanitary facilities must be carried out. Easydes Spray has been proven to be very effective against corona virus in surface disinfection and Tevan Panox 200 especially when it comes to disinfection of secretion stains. Sanitary facilities should be treated with a higher chlorine content (eg 0,5%). The recommended concentrations and shelf life of the product should always be observed.