Swiss startup Yuon Control AG secures funding to boost needed innovation in heating sector

Kiilto Ventures has invested in Burgdorf-based Cleantech startup Yuon to help accelerate market adoption of their predictive, self-learning heating control system designed to optimize heating networks. Compared to traditional heating control systems, Yuon can help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

Decarbonising heating – A climate imperative

Heating is the main use of energy by households in the European Union (EU), accounting for 64.4% of final energy consumption in the residential sector in 2021. As the transition to sustainable heating solutions continues and is reinforced by regulatory efforts targeting net-zero emissions, there is a growing emphasis on energy efficiency and optimization to reduce CO2 emissions.

“Over the last few years, there has been a lot of focus on optimizing electricity networks, now is the time to optimize heating systems. We aim to revolutionize heating control systems by providing software to operate district heating networks efficiently. This will not only have a direct impact on reducing CO2 emissions but also boost our transition to net-zero,” says Yuon CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Sebastian Hersberger.

Automatically optimizing the heating demand of buildings and networks

Youn’s robust software equips utility providers with tools to fine-tune their grid, leading to improved performance, reduced CO2 emissions, lowered operational expenses, and informed business choices.

“We aim to make our heating control system the new European standard for heat management,” adds Hersberger.

Considerable positive impact for the built environment

“We are really impressed of what the Yuon team has already achieved, and we believe they can scale this to a global solution, starting from Central Europe where the problem is most acute. We are happy to be support their efforts,” says Head of Kiilto Ventures Matti Rönkkö.

Yuon clinched the top spot at the 2023 ClimateLaunchPad Regional Final Europe, underscoring the acknowledgment of their innovative and impactful green business concept."

“At Kiilto Ventures, we are actively seeking the largest opportunities in moving the needle for maximum positive planetary impact for a better built environment. Recognizing heating as a major contributor to emissions, innovations like this hold significant potential to drive meaningful impact in tackling this challenge head-on.” 

Kiilto Ventures, the Helsinki-based VC of Kiilto, invests in and supports early-stage startups tackling the biggest problems of the built environment which is currently responsible for 39% of global energy related carbon emissions.

Yuon Control AG, a Burgdorf-based Cleantech startup, offers an advanced and predictive heating control system designed to optimize heating networks. The solution involves creating a digital model of the grid and each building connected to the district heating network, which happens in real-time and fully automated, i.e., AI-based. The solution involves collecting data, such as weather data and consumption forecasts, to create digital models and other input

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