Robin Ambré appointed as Business Area Director for Professional Hygiene

Robin Ambré has been appointed as Business Area Director for Professional Hygiene starting 1 January 2024. 

Ambré will also be a member of KiiltoClean Group’s management team. Ambré is the current Managing Director of KiiltoClean AB in Sweden and will also continue in this role.

Current Business Area Director and Managing Director of KiiltoClean AS in Norway Henrik Skibrek has after careful consideration decided that he wants to focus on the operational business and get closer to the market and customers again. Therefore, Skibrek steps aside from the role of Business Area Director for Professional Hygiene and continues in the role of Managing Director of KiiltoClean AS.

Ambré has a long experience in the international hygiene sector and has been working in growth focused businesses. Ambré has proven to share Kiilto’s passion for people and environmental leadership. He has experience of building sustainable growth – both organically and through mergers and acquisitions. 

“I’m honoured to build upon Henrik’s excellent work and at the same time emphasize his continued key role in our company’s development. Personally, I’m excited about the unique position Kiilto holds in the Nordics and Baltic hygiene sector, with industrial strength, local brands, country-specific expertise and a robust environmental commitment. I’m proud of Kiilto’s uniqueness and aim to foster our Kiiltonian spirit for an even stronger team. Looking ahead, my focus is on advancing our environmental leadership by leveraging our existing solutions as well as the right projects and talented team,” Ambré says. 

KiiltoClean Group’s Managing Director Kari Laakso welcomes Ambré and thanks Skibrek for his excellent leadership. “I respect his decision and I am happy to have him continue as Managing Director of KiiltoClean AS. I’m happy to welcome Robin to his new role and to wish him all the best,” Laakso says.