Redesigned liquid textile detergents

The familiar Serto Pro brand of liquid detergents and rinsing aids will become part of Kiilto Pro beginning from January 2021. In addition to the new look and brand, the products are now even more kind to the environment.

Professional cleaning solution manager Tiina Laurén and Tomi Peltonen, who was behind the development of the products, talk about the brand change and its effect on the environment.

Why the brand renewal?

We want to offer our customers high-quality products that do not harm the environment. The changes are part of Kiilto’s promise to the environment. The change in the products for professional applications is also part of the expansion of Kiilto in Scandinavia and the development of a strong Kiilto Pro brand in the new operating countries. By transferring liquid laundry detergents and rinsing aids to the Kiilto Pro brand, we are emphasising their role as solutions that Kiilto offers to professionals. In future, the Serto brand will focus on high-quality consumer laundry products.

How are the products now more eco-friendly? Do the products have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

There is a Nordic Swan Ecolabel alternative for both detergents and rinsing aids, which indicates that the substances contained in the product have as little impact on the environment as possible. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is also a life cycle label that assesses the climate impacts of products throughout their life cycle, and is an indicator of its lower climate impact.

Read more about the criteria and the significance of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The fragrance-free options carry the ecolabel, and also have an allergenic-free label and are marked as being suitable for vegan use. The allergenic-free label is a sign that the product does not generally irritate or sensitise the skin, and that it does not cause fragrance sensitivity symptoms or other allergy- and asthma-related reactions. The label is granted by the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. The vegan label is currently used mostly for consumer products, but is also being introduced for professional products. It indicates that no raw materials of animal origin have been used in the manufacturing of the product.

At the same time as the brand and look are being given a makeover, we have also redesigned product formulas so that all our liquid products are zeolite-free and phosphate-free. In addition, we have switched to plant-based compounds in all our products, i.e., compounds made from renewable raw materials in place of compounds derived from petrochemicals. Phosphates have been found to cause eutrophication when they enter the waterways, and their use in consumer products for textile washing, for example, is nowadays almost completely prohibited. Although there is no such restriction on products for professional use yet, we want to be a pioneer in our field on environmental matters.

In a nutshell, what has changed?

The change concerns liquid textile washing and rinsing aids for professionals. The products, with their new names, are:

  • Kiilto Green Liquid Textile Wash, 5 l and 20 l
  • Kiilto Care Liquid Textile Wash 5 l
    Kiilto Soft Pure Non-perfumed Fabric Softener 1 l and 5 l
  • Kiilto Soft Fabric Softener 5 l

The products have renewed formulas and are more eco-friendly. Practical changes that have been made are the product names, codes, and appearance. The names of all the products have been changed to indicate the product properties. The product codes will change with the new packaging on 1 January 2021. In addition, rinsing aid products will be available in a new one-litre size.