Kiilto’s 2023 Sustainability Report has been published

Our sustainability report is a deep dive into how we do things at Kiilto, how we think, how we could improve and why certain things are significant to us. Reporting is a management tool and a means of identifying gaps in processes or meeting the expectations of customers, staff and stakeholders.

Open documentation and data-driven results make it possible to question certain practices, or confirm their merits. The sustainability report brings together a wide range of information. Sustainability is not a competition – every action is directed towards the common good. Learning from others and working together is vital. It demands transparency, and our report describes where we are now and where we are going. It is an interesting journey, with inspiring successes along the way. We warmly invite all our stakeholder to join this journey.

Read Kiilto’s 2023 sustainability report here.

Watch the video to see what our Sustainability Communications Manager’s highlights from the 2023 report.

Towards reporting regulations

The 2022 report combined for the first time sustainable development data from all Kiilto countries. The 2023 report continues along the same principle. The statutory reporting obligation will apply to Kiilto in 2026 (reporting for 2025). The goal with the 2023 report has been to continue towards CSRD in accordance with the EU directive, and to that end, we initiated a double materiality assessment with a stakeholder survey in the autumn of 2023.

Our report is in English. Its framework is the GRI standard and this year, in additon to Corporate Governance Statement,  it is supported also by our Tax Strategy.

Kiilto does not have a separate sustainability director or function. The responsibility has been integrated into Kiilto’s processes and culture, which makes it easier to change operating practices on short notice if necessary.  Our reporting process has been a good way to identify challenges within our processes and at the same time to strengthen existing practices.

Further information:

Laura Heinovaara
Sustainability Communications Manager
+358 50 5969 424